Accused Season 2 release date, cast, and everything we know

ACCUSED: Meaghan Rath in the “Morgan’s Story” episode of ACCUSED airing Tuesday, April 11 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2023 Fox Media LLC. CR: Robin Cymbaly/FOX
ACCUSED: Meaghan Rath in the “Morgan’s Story” episode of ACCUSED airing Tuesday, April 11 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2023 Fox Media LLC. CR: Robin Cymbaly/FOX /

Accused Season 2 is officially happening, but when could we get to see the episodes? Here’s a look at everything we know about the anthology series so far.

Eyes are on when our favorite TV shows will make a return. Accused is one that we’re looking out for. We knew the anthology series was going to be intriguing and something different for the crime genre. What we didn’t expect was for something to test our biases as much as this one did.

So, it’s great that the second season is happening. Now we just want to know when and the types of storylines we’ll get.

When will Accused Season 2 premiere on FOX?

FOX announced its winter 2024 schedule, but there were a few shows missing from it. One of those was Accused.

We worried about this when we noticed that it wasn’t on the list of shows starting production in November or December. FOX opted to push 911: Lone Star Season 5 back to fall 2024. Is it possible that this series will also air then as well? It certainly looks possible now.

How many episodes will Accused Season 2 have?

There isn’t a set episode count just yet. The first season had 15 episodes, and it is possible that we’ll get a similar number of episodes in Season 2. That’s especially the case if the show is pushed to the fall.

If it airs this winter or spring, we’re looking at a 10 to 13-episode season. That’s all there is time to film and air with networks wrapping things up in May to get the 2024–2025 season back to normal.

Who will star in Season 2 of Accused?

Without a premiere date or production details yet, we also don’t know who will star in the episodes. This series isn’t like other shows. The cast changes with each episode, bringing new characters and new storylines.

We would love to see one storyline from the first season revisited, though. It would be great to have a follow-up for Malcolm-Jamal Warner’s episode where he was convicted after his friends turned on him and made a plea deal. However, it’s unlikely that we’ll see follow-ups as there are so many other crime stories to tell.

What to expect in Accused’s second season

There are no details of the individual storylines just yet. This show doesn’t tell us what those on trial have done at first. We don’t get to know if it does involve murder, burglary, kidnapping, or something else. That’s the beauty of the storytelling, as we’re left to figure it out as the story plays out. It makes us test our biases.

The storylines covered a variety of important topics, including systemic racism, the problems with the healthcare system mixed with the justice system, and failings when it comes to trans and disability rights and support. These topics are sure to continue throughout the second season.

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Accused is available to stream on Hulu.