What is The Brothers Sun on Netflix about?

The Brothers Sun. (L to R) Michelle Yeoh as Mama Sun, Sam Song Li as Bruce Sun, Justin Chien as Charles Sun in episode 108 of The Brothers Sun. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023
The Brothers Sun. (L to R) Michelle Yeoh as Mama Sun, Sam Song Li as Bruce Sun, Justin Chien as Charles Sun in episode 108 of The Brothers Sun. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

Netflix is about to unleash a wild new crime comedy series with The Brothers Sun. Find out more about this fantastic Asian-American-led crime series here!

For years, Bruce Sun has been a typical Californian Asian-American, attending college with no real worries besides rent and where to get his next job. He’s a bit surprised at the arrival of his long-distant older brother Charles, who he hasn’t seen since they were kids.

When they’re attacked by gunmen, Bruce discovers the truth: His family is one of the most powerful criminal gangs in Taiwan, with Charles raised to be a ruthless assassin. His mother, Eileen, took him to the U.S. in hopes he could escape that life. But now, as a gang war builds, Bruce is going to have to adapt to life as a gangster, with Charles as his unlikely guide. However, both men realize their mother may be more merciless than either could imagine.

What to expect in The Brothers Sun

"“The life of average Californian Bruce Sun turned upside down once his older brother, Charles Sun visits Los Angeles, California from Taipei, Taiwan. Having no recollection of his past in Taipei, Bruce would soon learn about his families’ profession as Taipei renowned gangster with his brother being a hardened criminal raised by his late crime boss father. Having his father assassinated, Charles had to move to LA to keep his family safe. Additionally, he would find out that his mother moved with him to California in order to build a life away from her estranged family. However, his mother’s effort proved to be futile as now Bruce had to adapt to the gangster life of his family.”"

Who stars in The Brothers Sun?

The big star of the cast is Academy Award winner Michelle Yeoh. The Hong Kong action movie icon is the perfect person to play Eileen “Mama” Sun, showing her grit, drive and willingness to play dirty that should also give her a chance to show her action chops.

The rest of the cast is packed with Asian-American actors, with Justin Chien as Charles, Sam Song Li as Bruce, and Disney Channel starlet Madison Hu as Grace, Bruce’s girlfriend. Joon Lee is TK, Bruce’s long-time friend who wants to be a gangster but is bad at it. This makes it a standout among other Netflix shows.

  • Michelle Yeoh as Eileen “Mama” Sun
  • Justin Chien as Charles Sun
  • Sam Song Li as Bruce Sun
  • Highdee Kuan as Alexis
  • Joon Lee as TK
  • Jon Xue Zhang as Blood Boots
  • Jenny Yang as Xing
  • Madison Hu as Grace
  • Rodney To as Mark
  • Alice Hewkin as May
  • Maite Garcia as Edner

How many episodes are in The Brothers Sun?

The series will have eight episodes, which is now becoming the typical length for a lot of Netflix and other streaming service dramas.

When does The Brothers Sun premiere?

All eight episodes will drop on Netflix on Thursday, Jan. 4, 2024. It promises to be a wild mix of action, comedy, and crime drama to make The Brothers Sun a great way for crime TV show fans to kick off the new year.

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The Brother Sun premieres on Thursday, Jan. 4, 2024, on Netflix.