Could we get an NCIS: ELITE spin-off to bring back some Hawaii characters?

There is no doubt that we're salty NCIS: Hawaii has been canceled. Is there a way to bring back some characters through an NCIS: ELITE spin-off?
NCIS: Hawai’i Season 3 Key Art ©2024 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
NCIS: Hawai’i Season 3 Key Art ©2024 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

One decision we were definitely not happy about was the cancellation of NCIS: Hawaii. It wasn’t linked to the linear ratings, and the decision to cancel it so abruptly didn’t make sense.

This season brought Sam Hana back into the series after NCIS: Los Angeles came to an end. He came in running a secret team, which we found out was called NCIS: ELITE. Jane Tennant was brought into the fold early on to aid with the case Sam was working on, and then the entire team learned about the secret mission.

This led to a discussion between some of the team members. Some would love to join ELITE, and it certainly opens the door to continuing some of the storylines through a spin-off series.

Why NCIS: ELITE needs to happen

We need to see the continuation of some of the Hawaii characters. Fans had been begging to meet Boone’s family. Out of all the characters, he was the one with the least personal development. We kept hearing about his family, but didn’t get to meet most of them. We wanted more.

Then there’s Lucy and Kate. We adored seeing their relationship play out. We saw the highs and lows of love, as their individual personalities and experiences clashed a little. There was a chance to see what making sacrifices for a relationship is really like, but also what supporting each other in their careers really means.

NCIS: ELITE offers the opportunity for characters to take on more dangerous missions. Of course, every day as a federal agent is dangerous, but the ELITE missions were seemingly off the books. They were a little like SEALs, where they would go in without anyone knowing about them. It would be great to see what that does to relationships and the type of bond the team members end up building as new people join and they only have each other to lean on.

NCIS can finally save Hetty!

Look, there is one storyline from NCIS: Los Angeles that we need to see solved. It’s saving Hetty!

In the Los Angeles finale, Callen and Sam found out that Nell was leading a mission to save Hetty. Well, we know that Callen and Sam would want to be a part of that. Now it’s time to see that play out on our screens. Couldn’t Sam pull together a team of people he trusts, including the likes of Jane and Lucy, to head out on a mission to save Hetty?

This would be a great NCIS: ELITE spin-off storyline. It could even work as a limited series as a way to bring closure for the two shows.

In short, NCIS: ELITE needs to happen. CBS, make it so!

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