All four seasons of BBC's Sherlock have a new streaming home

Want to watch all four seasons of Sherlock starring Benedict Cumberbatch? They have moved to a new streaming home. Find out where to watch the episodes.

The statue of Sherlock Holmes in front of Baker Street...
The statue of Sherlock Holmes in front of Baker Street... / SOPA Images/GettyImages

BBC brought a very different twist to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s character with Sherlock. It’s time to relive all four seasons on another streaming platform.

Sherlock brings us a modern-day retelling of the character. Benedict Cumberbatch plays the eccentric Holmes, with Martin Freeman as John Watson. The two are still a dynamic pair, but this series is much darker than many of the connotations of the character in the past.

There is no doubt that Andrew Scott brought us a refreshing style to Moriarty, Sherlock’s biggest nemesis. The series allowed the show to touch on a variety of topics, including suicide, neurodivergent minds, and PTSD.

Where to stream all four seasons of Sherlock

The series has moved to a new streaming platform. You can now stream all four seasons on BritBox.

While it is four seasons, each season is a standalone story when it comes to the crime to solve. However, there are some interweaving storylines throughout the four seasons.

It’s also worth noting that there are only three episodes to each season. Those episodes are 90 minutes long each, so you’re looking at a six-episode season when you consider it that way. You will not be disappointed as you watch. We’d just love to see more to the tale as there is clearly some room for a continuation.

You’ll be able to find the series in the Great British Hits collection on the streamer.

Stream other movies and shows with Sherlock actors

After this, you can watch Cumberbatch and Freeman in other shows and movies on BritBox. Look out for Dunkirk, Fields of Gold, and Agatha Christie’s Marple—he’s in Season 4, Episode 12, titled “Murder Is Easy.”

Freeman is in A Confession and The Responder, who BritBox Originals. He was also in The Office UK, which is also on BritBox.

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Sherlock is now available to stream on BritBox. This is one of the Amazon Channels.