After the Flood Season 2 isn't confirmed yet, but we need it

We are still waiting on word that After the Flood Season 2 will happen. We certainly need it with the way Season 1 ended.
After the Flood -- Courtesy of BritBox
After the Flood -- Courtesy of BritBox /

Jo couldn’t let the police investigation go on without her in After the Flood Season 1. It’s a good thing as well. If Jo hadn’t have been there, many people may have gotten away with murder.

In the end, Jo unraveled a conspiracy that involved dirty cops, dirty politicians, and more. She had everything she needed to take down Phil, but then she stopped. Phil made it clear that if she went ahead with exposing him, he would ruin her life.

Jo wants to do the right thing. She also needs to protect her own family. Jo had managed to survive the car crash and gave birth to her child at the end of the first season, and now she had far more to think about. It did look like she was willing to risk it all, but we need a second season to confirm that.

What’s the fallout for Jo in After the Flood Season 2?

If there is a second season, we need to see what the fallout is for Jo. If Jo shares everything that she has, it puts her husband Pat in danger as well. It turned out that he was also corrupt, taking payments from people for years, along with Phil.

If Jo tells all, then it’s going to damn her own life. The father of her child will go down as well.

But if she doesn’t share it all, there are corrupt cops that could keep doing bad things. She needs to put the safety of others first, and that means risking her own family. After all, if people learn about Pat, they’ll think Jo always had something to do with it. When the truth about Jo’s father being a corrupt cop comes out, then they’ll view her as a legacy of him; another corrupt cop.

There is a huge fallout potential for After the Flood Season 2 by Jo sharing all.

Now we wait for After the Flood Season 2

The problem is ITV hasn’t yet renewed the series. And it’s up to ITV at this point. If ITV didn’t get enough viewers in the UK, it could decide that the cost of a second season isn’t worth it.

Usually, when there is a cliffhanger ending, a renewal is already confirmed. It seems strange that ITV hasn’t already confirmed that there will be a second season considering the After the Flood finale aired in the UK in February 2024. Hopefully, it’s just a delay while the writers get together a rough storyline for where things could go for Jo.

If it does happen, there could be a wait. Sophie Rundle is sure to be needed for the Peaky Blinders movie, which is now confirmed. After all, Ada did take over the business at the end of the series.

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