Ashley Madison docuseries takes us into the hack that changed lives forever

Ashley Madison: Sex, Lies, and Scandal arrives on Netflix this month, and the trailer is out. It's time to delve into the cyber hack that changed everything for so many people.
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We all remember the news of the Ashley Madison hack. It changed many lives, but who was behind it? The Netflix docuseries Ashley Madison: Sex, Lies & Scandal promises to go into the details of the hack. However, don’t expect answers.

This is one of those hacks that remains unsolved. There are rumors and suspicions, but nothing has been proven. It’s something the doc promises to delve into, as those behind the site discuss who could have done it. Was it a competitor? Maybe it was a disgruntled user.

What happened to Ashley Madison after the hack

The doc won’t just go into what happened during the hack. This is about what happened to the website, which was a place for married people to hook up with other married people, after the hack.

The site continues to remain up and running, so it would suggest that not much happened to it. However, that is now, more than 10 years later. What happened in the days after the hack? What about after people’s details were released online. They weren’t just everyday people. There were a lot of celebrities exposed after the cyberattack.

Of course, many of us have questions about how this site gained traction in the first place. Why did people join it? The three-part series will look at that as well.

A look at life after the Ashley Madison hack

Then there are the people whose details were released. I will never support the idea of an affair. If you have an affair, I do believe that you should be outed. You’ve chosen to put your spouse at risk, so you deserve the consequences of your actions. What I don’t agree with is exposing information due to another criminal activity. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

The problem for a lot of people exposed was that there were innocent spouses also hurt. A lot of people looked through the list of names to see if there was anyone they recognized. It led to private details being leaked, and the innocent people involved wouldn’t have wanted that to happen.

What was life like after that? We hear from people who were involved in the hack both as spouses having the affairs and the innocent ones involved in it all.

Take a look at the trailer for Ashley Madison: Sex, Lies & Scandal below:

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Ashley Madison: Sex, Lies & Scandal is on Netflix on Wednesday, May 15.