Blue Lights Season 3 episode count confirmed (when will it be out?)

Blue Lights Season 3 is officially happening. We also know the episode count for the season, but when will we get to watch it?
Blue Lights Series 2,First Look,First Look,Shane Bradley (FRANK BLAKE),Two Cities Television,Christopher Barr
Blue Lights Series 2,First Look,First Look,Shane Bradley (FRANK BLAKE),Two Cities Television,Christopher Barr /

We are more than ready to continue the story of our favorite Belfast cops. The good news is they will be back. Blue Lights Season 3 is confirmed—and so if Season 4!

Now we need to know when it will arrive. We also want to know the number of episodes we’ll see in the season. Of course, in North America we’re used to longer seasons, but this is a British show, and it does bring some bad news.

Blue Lights Season 3 will only have six episodes

According to Den of Geek, the third season of the cop drama will only have six episodes. This matches the first two seasons, and it matches the standard for UK shows.

The Brits are used to shorter seasons. There isn’t as much of the “case of the week” format. Instead, the storylines focus on a particular case that we see unravel throughout the season. This means a shorter season is necessary to prevent that need for filler content. And we all know procedurals have filler episodes.

There is a wait for Blue Lights Season 3

That should mean we don’t have to wait too long, right? Well, usually, we wouldn’t. However, there is going to be a wait for this season.

When talking to Den of Geek, Siân Brooke shared that filming likely wouldn’t start until January 2025. There wasn’t a clear reason for this, just that it is taking time to put everything together.

This does seem odd, though. The second season renewal came in pretty fast after the first season. That aired in March 2023 and filming started in August of the same year. The renewal for Season 3 came up in April 2024, so we did expect filming to be able to start up around the fall.

With a delay to January 2025, it means we’re looking at around September 2025 for the season to arrive on BBC. This would then suggest a November 2025 release for it on BritBox in North America.

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