COPS: Spring Break is the series to watch to see cops in real action

If you're looking for something to watch this weekend, you'll want to turn to Fox Nation for COPS. There's a COP: Spring Break special happening right now, with two more episodes coming this weekend. Check out a sneak peek of one of the new episodes.
COPS: Spring Break -- Courtesy of Fox Nation
COPS: Spring Break -- Courtesy of Fox Nation /

We see cops in action all the time on TV. The storylines are fictional and dramatized to make them interesting. What is the real life of the police and other emergency services like? That’s something COPS gives us a look at on Fox Nation.

There’s a Spring Break special airing right now. Two episodes have already dropped, and two more episodes will be available tomorrow, Friday, April 12. Then there is one more episode to come next Friday. You won’t want to miss the patrols, the drama, and the investigations.

COPS is one of those shows where there is absolutely no scripted dialogue. The focus is on the real things that the police do. Some of that is simple patrols that don’t lead to anything dangerous, but there are times that people put the police in harm’s way.

What to expect on COPS: Spring Break this week

During Spring Break, the crime rates tend to rise. Alcohol makes people do crazy things. Truths come out, jealousy causes issues, and accidents happen. This new special of COPS gives people a chance to see the types of things that go on and why it’s so important for some places to have an alcohol-free time during this week.

In Episode 3, we head to Okaloosa County, where deputies patrol the beach on a regular basis. There’s a clip from this episode as one deputy stops a group of boys who are drinking on the beach. They don’t look to be causing any trouble, but this is an alcohol-free beach during Spring Break, so they need to put everything away.

While those boys didn’t get in trouble, there is a group of teenagers who get in trouble later on. There are two infractions, and one of them involves having a glass bottle. Take a look at the clip to get a sense of things that will happen in the new episode:

One thing that doesn’t come up in the episode is a patrol on the beach and locate an underaged male. He’s in possession of a popular mixture of alcohol, caffeine additive, and electrolyte powder when he’s found on the beach.

During Episode 4, we’re heading to The Strip, where a woman refuses to cooperate with the deputies. This episode isn’t just about arrests and citations, though. We also have a look at other emergencies services when a group of out-of-state swimmers end up caught up in a riptide and need saving.

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COPS: Spring Break airs on Fridays at 6 p.m. ET on Fox Nation.