Here's everything you need to remember about Jason Gideon before Criminal Minds: Evolution

Jason Gideon's ex-wife, Jill, is coming into Criminal Minds: Evolution. Here's what you need to remember about Gideon's story in the OG series.

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A lot happened over the course of the 15 seasons of the original Criminal Minds. The first OG character to leave was Mandy Patinkin’s Agent Jason Gideon.

The initial plan was to kill off Gideon in Season 3, but Patinkin didn’t want that to happen. Instead, Gideon left the BAU and went traveling after a difficult case that led to Hotch being suspended for two weeks and the death of someone Gideon believed was an UnSub.

While Gideon has been gone, he hasn’t been forgotten. Here’s what happened after he left the series and other important tidbits to remember as we get Dr. Jill Gideon entering Criminal Minds: Evolution.

Gideon was eventually killed off in Criminal Minds

While Patinkin didn’t want Gideon to be killed off in Season 3, the showrunners eventually got their way. The BAU was called into the case of his murder. It was Rossi who figured out that Gideon firing a shot at a painting was a clue to solve the murder. This was linked to something Gideon had been doing off-screen.

Donnie Mallick was the one responsible for Gideon’s death. He has been the only BAU member to be killed by an UnSub, but we will always remember Hayley Hotchner being the first major victim. That changed everything for Hotch.

Rossi and Gideon used to work together

Something you may have noticed in the casting of Felicity Huffman as Jill Gideon is that she has a complicated relationship with both Rossi and Gideon. This is because the two men have their own complicated history.

Gideon and Rossi used to be best friends. They worked together on many cases. In fact, when Gideon was found dead, it was Rossi who made sure he would get justice for his fallen friend. We got a younger version of Gideon along the journey with Rossi.

It would suggest that there are some personal complicated matters between Rossi and Jill. We know little about Jill and Gideon at this point, though. All we’ve ever learned is that they have a son called Stephen and that they were estranged due to Gideon’s work.

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