7 Hulu crime shows to watch on Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day upon us, here are seven fun crime shows to watch on Hulu for those wanting some mystery with the romance.
Bruce Willis And Cybill Shepherd
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7 crime shows on Hulu you need to check out this Feb. 14.

With Valentine's Day coming, some viewers may be interested in the chance of a little bit of crime shows to enjoy with the day. A few police dramas often use some romances among the characters, while other shows focus on a couple solving crimes. Often, it's a "will they or won't they" between the leads, with some shows pulling it off better than others.

Hulu boasts that with its huge library of TV shows, both past and present. Some romances are obvious, while others aren't quite the typical couplings and can often be seen as anti-romance. Yet for those wanting a little fun flavor for Valentine's Day, these seven shows are a good binge for Hulu users on Valentine's Day to show mixing romance with crime has its charms. 


If you want to enjoy some romantic crime shows, it's hard to top this classic 1980s ABC series, now finally on streaming. Cybil Shepherd is Maddie Hayes, a model robbed by her accountant and inherits a detective agency. She soon matches up with top detective David Addison, played by Bruce Willis, in an Emmy-winning turn that boosted him to stardom.

The pair's chemistry remains off the charts and aided by how Moonlighting never played by the rules. Episodes in black and white, one themed to Shakespeare, the pair constantly talking to the camera, it was a gem. While it lost a bit of flavor when the two finally hooked up, it still remains a blast of a show that can finally be enjoyed via Hulu.