7 Hulu crime shows to watch on Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day upon us, here are seven fun crime shows to watch on Hulu for those wanting some mystery with the romance.

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The Catch

This overlooked 2016-17 ABC series has quite an intriguing hook. Alice Vaughn (Mireille Enos) is a top-notch private investigator engaged to seemingly perfect Ben Jones (Peter Krause). In a bitter irony, Alice realizes Ben is the master con artist she's been tracking who just robbed her. Knowing her reputation is ruined if it gets out, she tries to hide it while hunting him amid other jobs. 

The Catch's a unique setup as the pair clashes as Ben gets involved in a bigger criminal enterprise that gets out of hand, and the strange dynamic between them drives it on. The second season shifts things up as the pair works together with the FBI, hunting others. The fact they can't stop being drawn to each other makes the show shine, so while it only lasted two seasons, it's a fun ride. 

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For a different kind of romantic crime tale, watch the first entry in the STARZ hit that began the entire "Power Universe." James St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) is a New York club owner who's also "Ghost," a powerful drug lord. He runs into old flame Angela (Lela Loren), and they soon begin a spicy affair. But what James doesn't know is Angela is a federal prosecutor hunting Ghost. 

Power highlights this powerful drama, which also includes a few other unique pairings, from James's wife, Tasha, to the doomed coupling of James's best friend, Tommy, and his own girlfriends. The show is a powerful crime drama with a bitter ending that shows love doesn't always work out in this dark criminal world.