Inheritance ending explained: Who killed Wladyslaw?

Inheritance is a quirky and fun murder mystery. As the family need to figure out the way out of a game set up by their uncle, the biggest mystery is who killed Wladyslaw?
Inheritance -- Courtesy of Netflix
Inheritance -- Courtesy of Netflix /

When the rich uncle dies, the Fortuna family head to his home for the reading of the will in Inheritance. Only, it turns out that he’s not dead. That is until he is!

This whodunit is quirky and fun. There’s the element of a game mixed in, as the Fortuna family figure out they need to work together to find the patents and trademarks to the uncle’s fortune. While they figure all that out, they need to answer questions from the police.

Well, who they think is the police. There is a bigger mystery involving the men who show up as the police. However, the big question is who killed Wladyslaw? And why?

The mystery behind Wladyslaw’s death in Inheritance

At points throughout the movie, the questions of who the murderer is are forgotten about. There is all this focus on figuring out how to get out of the game that the family has landed in. There are all the questions around the men coming in pretending to be the police.

Well, the question of the murderer is brought up at the end, as Wladyslaw’s niece is arrested for the crime. This is when her boyfriend, Gustaw, admits that it was him. He was the grandson of a woman who went on one of Wladyslaw’s games in the past. She was misled and ended up losing the game, leading to her attempting to kill herself.

Gustaw was under her care at the time. With this, he was sent to an orphanage. He always believed that it was all Wlad’s fault, and he made it his mission to kill the man. This led to him starting a relationship with Wlad’s niece, only ending up falling in love with her.

Wlad knew who Gustaw was from the beginning. By this point, Gustaw had decided not to kill the man, but he did end up stabbing him, believing him to be wearing the stab-proof shirt that Wlad had created. Only, Wlad had changed, and so Gustaw killed Wlad.

Did the Fortuna family find the fortune?

The other big mystery was whether the Fortuna family would find the fortune that Wlad had left behind. They all completely the game, but in the end, nothing was there. It was all a set up, with Wlad sharing in a video that everything was in his head. Although, there was something out there if the family were smart enough to work it all out.

Nobody really minds that they don’t get the fortune. They gained something more—their family back!

That is until the very end of Inheritance. Henryk solves the mystery behind the Rubik’s Cube that Wlad left. As it opens, there’s a USB stick inside. Presumably, this has the patents for the family fortune.

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Inheritance is available to stream on Netflix.