Jesse Lee Soffer joins FBI: International (Who will he play?)

Another One Chicago character is jumping over to the CBS Dick Wolf shows. Jesse Lee Soffer will now join FBI: International. Will he return as Jay Halstead?
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Jesse Lee Soffer is the latest of the One Chicago actors to jump into FBI: International. It follows Colin Donnell joining the series for two episodes at the end of Season 3.

With all the Dick Wolf shows being in the same universe, it would make sense for characters to cross over. We saw that happen with Chicago PD’s Hailey Upton teaming up with OA in FBI. So, it’s natural to think that Soffer will come into the FBI drama as Detective Jay Halstead.

However, Donnell’s inclusion in the series made it clear that an actor from another Dick Wolf show can come into the series as a different character. Rather than coming in as Connor Rhodes from Chicago Med, Donnell was Agent Brian Lange in FBI: International. It looks like the same is happening for Soffer.

Jesse Lee Soffer will not play Jay Halstead in FBI: International

If you know Chicago PD, you probably don’t want Halstead to suddenly show up in the Fly Team. This would create far too many questions, and we wouldn’t likely get any answers. The last we heard of Halstead, he had extended his recent enlistment and just ghosted Upton. We can believe that he signed the divorce papers, finalizing the end of their relationship.

To bring him into the Fly Team after that wouldn’t make a lot of sense, except for if it was to have the Fly Team help him out in a situation that involves the U.S. Army. So, it makes more sense to bring him in as a new character, which is the case, according to TVLine.

Who that character will be is currently unknown. We do know that the Fly Team is an agent down after Luke Kleintank announced his departure from the series. Forrester was last spotted on the run with his mom, looking like he was heading to Alaska. So, the Fly Team will need a new leader.

It’s possible that Soffer will come into the series as the new leader of the Fly Team. As much as I would love to see Vo take over, she is still on the less experienced side for this, only just recently becoming Forrester’s second in command, so it makes sense for the FBI bosses to bring someone in who is more experienced to lead. I’m looking forward to seeing what that dynamic will look like.

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