My Life Is Murder Season 4, Episode 3 recap: Alexa investigates a haunting

Is it a case of a ghost, or is there something more to a murder in My Life Is Murder Season 4, Episode 3? Alexa Crowe investigates.
My Life is Murder_Season 4, Episode 3 - Photo Credit: Matt Klitscher/AcornTV
My Life is Murder_Season 4, Episode 3 - Photo Credit: Matt Klitscher/AcornTV /

Does Alexa Crowe need the help of the Winchester brothers in My Life Is Murder Season 4, Episode 3? That’s definitely what it seems like at first. However, Alexa doesn’t believe in ghosts.

Caution: We’re delving into spoilers for My Life Is Murder Season 4, Episode 3 in this post.

The episode starts just like all the rest. Harry has a case that he needs Alexa to help with. A real estate agent has turned up dead hours before an open house.

It should be easy to solve. There are cameras covering the back and front doors. The real estate agent goes in but doesn’t come out. Yet, he’s found dead in the pool with a broken neck the following day. How does that happen?

The owner of the home is sure that it’s ghosts. She’d heard movement and doors slamming while living there. It got so bad that she decided to move out after a year and put the house back on the market. And she wasn’t the only one. Over the course of 20 years, the house had sold 17 times.

Alexa Crowe investigates a haunting in My Life Is Murder Season 4, Episdoe 3

Alexa immediately thinks that it was the real estate agent’s competition. That guy has an alibi, which Alexa quickly proves couldn’t happen. The question is whether the guy murdered or not.

It turned out that it wasn’t him. He was at sensitivity training, which he didn’t want anyone to know about, so he created the alibi. With people getting his flyers, it looked like the alibi checked out. It was his step count that failed on him. But never mind, he wasn’t the killer.

Alexa decided to talk to the neighbor, who had lived there all her life. She knew the original owner of the home, who happened to run a brothel. Alexa is able to put it all together as she talks about the raids on the house, the way the girls ran to the neighbor to protect themselves from the police, and the cabinet with sentimental value.

The madame had left money for the neighbor and her mom. This neighbor never knew where the money was hidden though. She thought that it was in the secret tunnels that ran between the two houses. That was how the girls got back and forth without the police catching them. These tunnels were well hidden.

It wasn’t a ghost in My Life Is Murder

The night the real estate agent was in, he heard a bang. When he went to investigate, he found the secret pantry door open and the stairs leading to the tunnels. The neighbor was just behind him. When he turned, he ended up falling down the stairs and broke his neck.

The death was accidental. The neighbor could have left him there, but she didn’t want anyone finding those tunnels and then finding the money that she knew was hidden somewhere. So, she put the guy in the pool and covered him up, hoping that it would look like an accidental death in the pool. She shouldn’t have covered him with the pool cover.

As for the money, Alexa points out that the neighbor should have checked the sentimental cabinet in the house. There was a hidden wall inside.

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