My Life Is Murder Season 4, Episode 5: Alexa goes to ballet school

Alexa poses as a ballet dancer mom to find a killer in My Life Is Murder Season 4, Episode 5.
My Life is Murder_Season 4, Episode 5 - Photo Credit: Matt Klitscher/AcornTV
My Life is Murder_Season 4, Episode 5 - Photo Credit: Matt Klitscher/AcornTV /

Just as you think you have Alexa Crowe figured out; she shares another interest in My Life Is Murder. No, she doesn’t want to feed the swans, but she does love Swan Lake. She also loves the ballet.

Caution: This post contains spoilers from My Life Is Murder Season 4, Episode 5.

Harry has a new case for Alexa. This one involves a ballet dancer who was shot in the back with arrows. The last person she got a text message from was her ballet partner, who wanted to do an extra lesson. Only that dancer, Damon, says that he didn’t send the text message.

If he didn’t, who did? Madison shares that it is possible to clone a SIM, which means anyone could have sent it. Damon has an alibi for that night, so it looks like he is telling the truth. So, who could have cloned the SIM?

Alexa goes undercover as a dance mom in My Life Is Murder

Alexa needs to talk to the principal of the dance studio to see if it was her. The best way to do that is to pose as a dance mom. It doesn’t take long for Cynthia to see through the ruse, but Alexa has seen what she needs to see. Dancers even as young as five aren’t allowed to eat junk food!

This is important later. It turns out that Damon and his fellow ballet dancer and girlfriend Caitlin were at a hotel room the night of the murder. Someone in their room ordered burger and fries, which Alexa knows wouldn’t have been them. Who were they meeting with?

Well, Damon and Caitlin were looking to jump ship. They were talking to someone who runs a dance school in America, but they couldn’t let Cynthia know that. Caitlin feared that Cynthia had killed the ballet dancer because she was leaving for London. However, everyone, including Alexa, noted that this dancer didn’t have the skills. She should never have been picked as lead dancer in Swan Lake, and she wouldn’t have made it in London.

This dancer was Cynthia’s golden child. Cynthia would do anything for this dancer. There is no way this woman killed her, and it wasn’t the other dancers. What’s there to be jealous of?

It’s all in the family in My Life Is Murder

One thing we have learned in crime dramas is that it’s usually someone in the family. That was the case in My Life Is Murder Season 4, Episode 5. Alexa headed to the dancer’s home.

The father has dementia and the sister is doing the caring. However, it turned out that the dancer was the golden child there, as well. Daddy would give everything he could for his ballerina daughter, and the daughter ended up with power of attorney.

The sister was jealous and she ended up killing her own sister. This is where the park ranger came in. Alexa gave the park ranger some bread in return for fishing out the bow from the lake. Alexa had the murder weapon.

It’s another case closed for Alexa and Harry. The best thing was at the end watching how Alexa could confidently handle a bow and arrow. Of course she has archery skills…from a long time ago, that is. It was a great nod to Xena: Warrior Princess, and the moment we were all waiting for, right?

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