My Life Is Murder brought a wonderful nod to Xena: Warrior Princess

We knew when My Life Is Murder included archery, we needed to see a nod to Lucy Lawless's most iconic characters of all time. Well, the series certainly brought us that nod to Xena: Warrior Princess.
My Life is Murder_Season 4, Episode 5 - Photo Credit: Matt Klitscher/AcornTV
My Life is Murder_Season 4, Episode 5 - Photo Credit: Matt Klitscher/AcornTV /

Xena: Warrior Princess may have ended in 2005, but it’s a series that is still dear to our hearts. Who didn’t turn into My Life Is Murder at first purely because it was Lucy Lawless in the lead? We got Xena back, but this time as Alexa Crowe.

There haven’t been many nods to Lawless’s most iconic character. That changed in the most recent episode, which included archery. Of course, when it comes to archery, we knew we needed a nod to Xena.

The series managed it in style, even as we got The Hunger Games mentions—that’s the fandom Madison went with over Robin Hood.

Alexa Crowe had archery lessons back in the day in My Life Is Murder

Madison had spent the episode taking archery lessons to get information from the coach. At the end of the episode, we saw Madison, Alexa, and Harry head to the school for some target practice. As Madison tried to offer pointers, Alexa immediately picked up the bow and arrow and showed that she knew what she was doing.

It was “a long time ago,” Alexa told Madison. We know what she means. Xena: Warrior Princess ended almost 20 years ago, but it’s a series that is still going strong. The fandom continues to grow, with younger people who weren’t born when the series first started now finding Lawless at conventions and getting autographs.

Xena: Warrior Princess came up in an interview with Screen Rant, as Lawless explained that she regrets the choice at the very end of the series. The show killed off Xena at the end. It was supposed to be a strong way to finish the show, but it upset the fans. Even to this day, fans are disappointed in the decision not to allow Xena to live after all the sacrifices she made for others. It’s a decision Lawless regretted quickly after the episode aired, as she realized just how much the show and her character meant to the fans.

Well, fans got to see Alexa channel her inner Xena as she fired the arrow and hit the bullseye in My Life Is Murder.

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