NBC pilots: What we know about Grosse Pointe Garden Society so far

We're getting closer to NBC deciding whether to go ahead with pilots or not. Grosse Pointe Garden Society is one in contention, and here's what we know so far.
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Pilot season is on the quieter side in early 2024. NBC hasn’t ordered all that many, but one that it has ordered is Grosse Pointe Garden Society.

There are potentially a couple of reasons some networks have held back from ordering pilots this year. One of those is the strike action from the summer, which has delayed a few other shows from this year. Another reason is cost. It’s cheaper to keep projects going than it is to order new shows with the broadcast model (compared to the streaming model were costs go up from Season 3 onward).

So, we’re seeing less, but that will hopefully mean the pilots are ordered to series. Our eyes are certainly on Grosse Pointe Garden Society, which is set to be a bit of a murder mystery within the drama.

What is Grosse Pointe Garden Society about?

The series comes from Jenna Bans and Bill Krebs, and it appears to be a mixture of society drama and murder mystery. Grosse Pointe has a garden club, which isn’t that surprising in a suburban area. Four members find themselves pulled together when they end up caught up in a murder.

Of course, at the same time, they’re trying to deal with their normal lives. They want to keep up with society, and part of that means getting the perfect garden.

Grosse Pointe Garden Society cast so far

With the pilot being ordered a while back, there are already cast members attached to the project. Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Melissa Fumero will play Birdie. She’s an entitled and rich member of the club. She’s self-destructive and toxic, and of course, that means there is pain underneath the surface. She is also a successful author.

She is joined by AnnaSophia Robb as Alice and Ben Rappaport as Brett. Alice is an English teacher with a dream that crashes down on her. We know very little except that she’s a longtime member of the garden club. Meanwhile, Brett wants to start a car restoration business, but those dreams are on hold so that his wife (well, now ex-wife) can finish law school. Now he is a manager of a garden store just so he can take care of his children.

Deadline reports that Aja Naomi King has also joined the series as Catherine, the fourth member of the club. Catherine is an unhappily married mother of two, who is also a realtor and looking for a way to gain some sort of happiness and excitement for life. She throws herself into the garden club, while also hiding a very juicy secret.

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