Can Netflix revive Warrior for Season 4?

Max has canceled the popular martial arts crime drama Warrior after three seasons but is there a chance Netflix can revive it?
Warrior Season 1, episode 1 (debut 4/5/19): Andrew Koji, Jason Tobin.
photo: Graham Bartholomew/CINEMAX
Warrior Season 1, episode 1 (debut 4/5/19): Andrew Koji, Jason Tobin. photo: Graham Bartholomew/CINEMAX /

Warrior may have ended its run on HBO/MAX, but is it possible Netflix can revive the cult crime action series? Here’s what we know so far.

Debuting on Cinemax in 2019, Warrior is based on a story created by the legendary martial arts movie star Bruce Lee. It was produced by Lee’s daughter, Shannon, and director Justin Lin. It’s set in 1870s San Francisco when the Chinese immigrants formed the deadly Tong gangs. 

Ah Sahm (Andrew Koji) travels to San Francisco, searching for his missing sister. He’s soon involved in the battles between the Tongs, the police, and the bigotry of the times. The series drew a cult audience and acclaim for its drama, gritty period pieces and, of course, its fantastic martial arts action. 

The series turned out to be the last for Cinemax before it ceased original productions. In 2021, it was renewed for a third season and moved to the newly rebranded Max. However, it’s now joined the long list of shows axed by the streamer amid some corporate issues. Yet a glimmer of hope remains that it can return.

Can Netflix revive Warrior?

In the same article relating the show’s cancellation, Deadline reported that Netflix has picked up all three seasons as part of a new distribution deal with Warner Bros. The series is expected to debut on Netflix in February 2024. 

That leaves some hope that perhaps Netflix decides to pick up the series and have a fourth season. This wouldn’t be the first time the streamer continues a show another network has axed, and series creator Jonathan Tropper shared with Deadline his hopes for a continuation.

"“Warrior is a show that simply refuses to die. Through platform and regime changes, the writers, producers, cast, crew, and our stunt team continued to make something powerful, relevant, and wildly unique. And now, thanks to Netflix, we’ve been given yet another lease on life, and I’m thrilled for everyone involved that millions more viewers around the world will discover it.”"

Jonathan Tropper

"“If anything can be said about Warrior, with Bruce Lee in our corner, our indomitable spirit is REAL! And so, my wish is that the huge global Netflix audience LOVES Warrior and from that Love more goodness flows – in the form of greater recognition for our talented cast and crew who deserve all the things, in the form of passionate fandom for this relevant kick ass show and, if I dare to dream, in the form of an opportunity to continue our story for our amazing fans who, thanks to Netflix, will have grown in number and enthusiasm!”"

Shannon Lee

There is a stumbling block in that the cast has been released from their contracts. Koji has already booked a role on the acclaimed hit Gangs of London, so reuniting them for another season can be tricky. 

Yet there is some hope that premiering on Netflix can give Warrior new life and continue this fantastic martial arts crime series.

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Warrior is available to stream on Max and will come to Netflix in February 2024.