Presumed Innocent is a limited series, but there is potential for more

Presumed Innocent is just two episodes in, and we want more. The good news is there are six more episodes to come, but what about after that? Could this show land a second season?
Presumed Innocent
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When Rusty is accused of the murder of Carolyn, everything goes sideways in Presumed Innocent. He has to prove his innocence, but how can he do that the more secrets come out?

The good news is Carolyn had her own secrets and dodgy dealings. This opens up the chances of him being found not guilty, but it’s a stressful time leading up to that.

We’re just two episodes into the series, and we already want more. The good news is there are six more episodes to come, with one episode being released each week. The finale will air on Wednesday, July 24, but is this going to be a series finale?

There is a chance for more in Presumed Innocent

Presumed Innocent has been billed as a miniseries, but when has that stopped any streamer or network from bringing us more to the story? Plus, this is a David E. Kelley series, and we know he has turned a limited series into one with more seasons in the past. Just look at Big Little Lies!

The question for him will be if there is more to the story. This is where there is some good news for fans of Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance.

Presumed Innocent is based on a novel by Scott Turow. He did bring a sequel book called Innocent to shelves 13 years later. The novel is set a decade later and sees Rusty deal with another death that may or may not be a murder. The past comes back to haunt him.

Could this novel be used as material for a sequel series or a second season? Possibly, but changes may need to be made to make it work. The second book is set a decade later, and that would mean prosthetics are needed to age up the characters in the series. It might be easier to just set the TV series a couple of years later to avoid this issue.

Aging up is possible. We’ve seen House of the Dragon and Outlander do this. The makeup just takes longer for actors than regular makeup and it costs more. So, if Apple TV+ wanted to see the sequel novel adapted, some compromises may need to be made.

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