Reacher Season 2, Episode 4 recap: Who made a surprise return to help the team?

The latest Reacher episode had the gang on a fun undercover assignment that also featured a Season 1 character making a surprise cameo.

Reacher -- Courtesy of Brooke Palmer/Prime Video
Reacher -- Courtesy of Brooke Palmer/Prime Video /

Reacher stepped up its investigation into who’s hunting the team in Season 2, Episode 4. However, their search led them down a path they may not like. Here’s a look at “A Night at the Symphony.”

Caution: This episode contains SPOILERS for Reacher Season 2 Episode 4

The episode had the team talking about what they learned about Swan working for New Age. Reacher didn’t want to think Swan was dirty as the man had saved his life during an operation. But he also remembered when a brick of drugs in a raid briefly went missing and while Swan claimed to find it as a mistake, Neagley wasn’t sure. 

During this, A.M. killed a plastic surgeon and his secretary as, with his aliases compromised, he needed a new plan.

The team discovered New Age was trying to get legislation passed on something called “Little Wing.” They first wanted to target the Senator Levoy New Age was reaching out to, but O’Donnell said the guy never even read the legislation he voted on and just went wherever the wind blew. Their real target would have to be the guy’s senior aide, Daniel Boyd, a classic spoiled rich kid. 

This led to an undercover op at a concert, which meant both Neagley and Dixon got to glam it up while Dixon seduced Boyd. 

Who showed up in a surprise cameo in Reacher Season 2, Episode 4? 

Boyd had Dixon in his car with some drugs when they were interrupted by our old friend Oscar Finlay (Malcolm Goodwin), who’s once more a Boston cop. He brought Dixon to the station where Reacher and O’Donnell posed as FBI agents, threatening to expose Dixon to his wife until he talked.

It turned out “Little Wing” was a cutting-edge new software program that could be used for missiles or other arms. Once it locked onto a target (like, say, a jet plane), it couldn’t miss. It was slipped into a larger bill, so the Congressmen voting on it had no idea they were okaying something that could kill innocent people. 

Reacher and Finlay had a brief talk touching on Finlay being in a better place. As the team headed to a diner, they were jumped by a gang of bikers, leading to a brutal fight ending with a bunch of dead or unconscious bikers. Reacher got a phone off one to talk to Langston.

Langston foolishly thought he could bribe Reacher, saying he could give him anything he wanted. “I want to throw you out of a helicopter,” Reacher snarled. 

So Langston and Reacher know who the other is, and the gang has a better idea of what’s happening, although A.M.’s antics may throw things off as Reacher continues.

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