Who made the ultimate sacrifice in Reacher Season 2, Episode 6?

The newest episode had the Reacher team making a big break on their case but it cost them someone's life!
Reacher -- Courtesy of Brooke Palmer/Prime Video
Reacher -- Courtesy of Brooke Palmer/Prime Video /

The latest Reacher episode put one character in huge danger while beefing up the main mystery! As it moves to its final episodes, here’s a look at how Episode 6 played out!

Caution: This article contains SPOILERS for Reacher Season 2, Episode 6

“New York’s Finest” opened with the team still searching for leads on Langston while A.M. murdered a cop who made the mistake of stopping him for a traffic violation. Russo confronted his boss, Marsh, on how Marsh helped set up Reacher and his team. Their argument brought up 9/11 and how Marsh was aiding the same guys. Marsh fired back, saying, “When people like this tell you to do something, it’s not a request,” and Russo should look the other way.

Reacher and Dixon had another brief hookup as Reacher remembered back in their army days, their big bust of a drug-running gang was ruined because the brass didn’t want to embarrass a general about to get a big promotion. It’s hinted this is a reason Reacher left the army. 

The gang finally tracked down Marlo, the exec who’d set them up. She confirmed that Reacher had been right all along, Swan was innocent. In fact, it was Swan who was trying to stop New Age. He had been hired for security and uncovered some tech guys were pulling a scam by marking 650 chips as “defective,” with Marlo pushing it through to fulfill the government contract. As she said, “we were so busy counting the money, we didn’t realize we were being robbed.”

Swan could tell this was all a setup to take the chips for weapons. Marlo brought it to Langston, who tried to pay her off, then threatened her daughter, Jane. When Swan tried to bring in his old army team, Langston began going after them because he didn’t want it getting out New Age were the ones who unwittingly outfitted terrorists with an arsenal of weapons. He also still hoped to get possession of the software to sell it himself. 

Who died in the big shootout in Reacher Season 2, Episode 6?

Reacher was happy to confirm Swan was on their side and in hiding. Reacher met with Russo as they were going to use Marlo to bait Langston and wanted Russo to protect Jane. The pair had another talk, bonding a bit while still promising to have a big fight later. 

Marlo lured Langston out, knowing Langston was planning to silence her. The meeting went awry, with Langston’s goons attacking and another pack chasing Russo. As Reacher’s team took out the main goons, Russo faced off against the rest, taking a hail of bullets while taking out the entire team. 

One gunman was about to kill Jane when Neagley ran him over with a car. She found the dying Russo, assuring him the girl was safe. They held hands as the heroic cop passed on. 

So the good news is, the team knows more about what’s going on, and Swan is one of the good guys. But it cost them an ally, which means Reacher is going to be even more out for blood, which is bad news for Langston, A.M. and anyone else in his way.

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