5 reasons why Eva Longoria should play Mabel's aunt on Only Murders In The Building Season 4

Eva Longoria has been cast for Season 4 of Only Murders In the Building and here are five reasons she should play Mabel's aunt.
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Eva Longoria has joined the cast of Only Murder in the Building Season 4, and there’s one role she seems ready to play. Here’s why Longoria should be revealed as a key unseen character.

Only Murders in the Building ended Season 3 on a wild note as the gang celebrated the opening of Oliver’s musical with a few characters talking about heading to Los Angeles. However, Charles’s long-time body double and friend, Sazz (Jane Lynch), was shot dead, seemingly by someone mistaking her for Charles.

That’s going to lead to Season 4, which is already announcing some big names. That includes Molly Shannon, Eugene Levy, and Eva Longoria. So far, the writers are mum on who the actors play to keep plot details quiet. 

However, in Longoria’s case, fans are already speculating she’s playing Salma Ramirez, Mabel (Selena Gomez’s) long talked of but never seen aunt who owned her apartment at the Arconia. It’s only logical why the veteran actress seems so perfect for this role. 

1. Her age is right for Only Murders in the Building

It can be forgotten that Eva Longoria was only 27 when she landed her breakout role as Gabrielle on Desperate Housewives, meaning she’s 48 now (49 in March). That makes her just the right age to be an aunt to the 31-year-old Gomez. 

The show can play on it with some nice comedy of folks amazed at how young Mabel’s aunt really is. An obvious joke would be Oliver and Charles thrown as they expected Salma to be far older and play into the storyline. The age alone is a good reason why Longoria as Mabel’s aunt works. 

2. She has experience with wild stories

Anyone who can last eight seasons of the madhouse that was Desperate Housewives can easily handle the goings-on of Only Murders in the Building. Housewives was packed with fantastic twists and turns and Longoria made it all work much better than it should have. 

It’s up in the air what Salma’s presence in the story can be, whether she’s a suspect in a new crime or just popping in for a visit. Either way, Longoria can easily deal with any wild twists with some great talent. 

3. Longoria’s talent for comedy and drama is perfect for the show

Since Housewives went off the air, Longoria has been busy with numerous projects like the short-lived sitcom Telenovela, showing her comedic charms. However, she turned in a more dramatic role in the short-lived 2019 series Grand Hotel and moved into directing as well.

That skill at both comedy and drama can work well for the show, especially as it’s hinted there’s some friction between Salma and Mabel. Salma could come off as a diva or more warm-hearted, but either way, Longoria works in the role. 

4. She can bring the glamour to Only Murders in the Building

It appears Season 4 is going to give the show a new vibe from New York to the glitz and glamour of L.A. In which case, Longoria can embody the change with Salma putting on much different airs than Mabel.

While Mabel can be quirky, Salma can show up dressed to the nines and Longoria looking stunning just wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Adding her on gives the show more flair to accompany its new setting and make it shine.

5. It simply seems inevitable

That Salma would show on the series was pretty much a given with all the times her name has been dropped. Season 4 looks to be adding a lot of faces, so having Salma show up and give Mabel an excuse to move back into the Arconia sounds great. 

Longoria just seems the perfect fit for the role from her age to skills and even a slight resemblance to Gomez to make it work. So, while it’s not confirmed yet, having Longoria playing Salma just seems to work and make Only Murders in the Building Season 4 better than before.

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Only Murders in the Building is available to stream on Hulu.