Missing Reacher already? Here are 5 shows while you wait for Season 3

While fans of Reacher wait for Season 3, here are five more shows like it to check out for some amazing action!
Reacher Season 2 -- Courtesy of Brooke Palmer/Prime Video
Reacher Season 2 -- Courtesy of Brooke Palmer/Prime Video /
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THE OLD MAN -- "I" Episode 1 (Airs Thursday, June 16) Pictured: Jeff Bridges as Dan Chase. CR: Prashant Gupta/FX /

The Old Man

Oscar-winner Jeff Bridges stars in this powerful FX series. He's the titular old man living a quiet life in Connecticut when he kills an intruder breaking into his home. He's soon renting a house from Amy Brenneman and then goes on the run from her when more killers come after him. It turns out he was once a top CIA operative before retirement. 

As the FBI and CIA hunt him, the ones who wanted to silence him realize too late that Bridges is still as skilled as ever to take down anyone in his path. The kills are brutal, with Bridges bringing his always great talent to the role and making this a stand out for anyone loving Reacher-like thrills. 

The Old Man is available to stream on Hulu

DESIGNATED SURVIVOR - "Target" - White House Council Kendra Daynes finds herself in a dangerous situation that puts another White House staffer's life at risk, while Hannah Wells takes an unexpected trip for answers, on ABC's "Designated Survivor," WEDNESDAY, MAY 9 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Ian Watson) MAGGIE Q /


The movie La Femme Nikita has been adapted a few times, but this 2010-14 CW series may be the best version. Maggie Q is the title role of a woman recruited into a secret government agency only to break free when she discovers how corrupt they are. She then sends a young recruit (Lyndsy Fonseca) to be her inside agent to take this Division down.

Nikita rests on Maggie Q's fantastic fighting skills and some quite interesting plot turns. That includes Nikita's love/hate relationship with former handler Michael (Shane West) and Melinda Clarke stealing scenes as the ruthless Amanda. The four-season run is a great spy romp and gives a nice push that can appeal to Reacher fans. 

Nikita is available to streak on Tubi.