Sin City Murders Episode 9 sneak peek: How did they know it was a pipe bomb?

When a bomb exploded at Luxor Casino, the police had to figure out the type of bomb it was and whether it was a terrorist attack. Detective Dean O'Kelley talks us through how they knew it was a pipe bomb in this Sin City Murders sneak peek.
SIN CITY MURDERS-- Pictured: "Sin City Murders" Key Art -- (Photo by: Oxygen)
SIN CITY MURDERS-- Pictured: "Sin City Murders" Key Art -- (Photo by: Oxygen) /

What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas, as Sin City Murders reminds us. In the newest episode, airing Sunday, April 21, we take a look at a bombing at a Las Vegas casino.

Episode 9 focuses on the bomb explosion at Luxor Casino from 2007. This is a case that continues to make it to the news due to retrials and escaped inmates. However, the episode itself focuses on the investigation around the bombing.

Why this bombing? Well, it sparked fear. Not only did it kill an employee, but it led to fears of a terrorist attack. Would there be another bombing? Investigators had a tough time on their hands getting to the bottom of the case with all the fear and news surrounding it.

Take a look inside the investigation in Sin City Murders Episode 9

We have a sneak peek for the new episode, which takes us inside the start of the investigation. Homicide Detective Dean O’Kelley goes into the details of the vehicle found that was used for the bombing. Very little damage was actually done to the vehicle, but the damage that was there made it clear that this was a pipe bomb.

Take a look at how they figured that out just from the state of the car:

This was WIlldebaldo Dorantes’s car, who ended up being the victim of the bombing. The sneak peek then goes into how investigators talked to Willebaldo Dorantes’s girlfriend, who shared that there had originally been a coffee up on the top of the car. Willebaldo grabbed the coffee cup, and that led to an exmplosion.

With this information, detectives had to figure out if this was an attack on Willebaldo, the casino, or just a general terrorist attack. It made for a difficult investigation, especially considering the time. We were just a few years out from the 9/11 bombings, and if you kept an eye on worldwide news, that year also saw a couple of terrorist attacks in the UK.

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Sin City Murders airs Sundays on Oxygen.