Will Sir be in Found Season 2? (Is there a cast change coming?)

When one of the main characters is an antagonist, we expect to see them removed from the story after a season. Is that the case for Sir? Will he be in Found Season 2?
FOUND -- "Missing While Undocumented" Episode 105 -- Pictured: Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Sir -- (Photo by: Steve Swisher/NBC)
FOUND -- "Missing While Undocumented" Episode 105 -- Pictured: Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Sir -- (Photo by: Steve Swisher/NBC) /

Mark-Paul Gosselaar certainly played a great villain in Found. We got a character that we loved to hate. The more we got to know him, the more we hated him, but we loved the dynamic between Sir and Gabi.

Of course, when it comes to a villain in a story, we usually see them taken out by the end of the season. Usually, they are the major death, although that’s not before taking someone else out on the team. Found did things very differently.

Gabi knew she had to take care of Sir once and for all. She couldn’t just keep him locked up in her basement. However, Sir realized that there was a problem once Dahn was brought into the equation. He took matters into his own hands, keeping the door open for him to be in Found Season 2.

It’s a new cat and mouse game in Found Season 2

The first season ended with a major cliffhanger. We finally learned where Sir was. It turns out that he got into Lacey’s apartment, and that’s where he is at the very end of the first season. He poisoned Lacey’s dog, and now it looks like he’s going to go after her.

Lacey and the rest of the team aren’t talking to Gabi right now. She’s just shared everything that she’d done for the last seven months, and now the entire team except Dahn is struggling to trust her. As Gabi realized what had happened to Lacey’s dog, she tried calling. However, Lacey ignored the call. Sir watched that happen with a smirk.

He has a way in to play with Gabi more. You see, it’s not Lacey that he wants to mess with. It’s Gabi, and Lacey is the way to play with people. He can hold Lacey hostage, leading to the team having to work together when they’re so fractured. There will be a lot of blame put on Gabi, as she invited this in by abducting Sir in the first place.

Sir can mess with Lacey at the same time. He can move items around the house so she knows that someone is there but not who. Sir loves to play psychological games, and now Lacey is at risk in Found Season 2.

Expect to see more of Sir in the second season. The cat and mouse game has gotten a lot bigger.

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Found is available to stream on Peacock.