SWAT and 3 other CBS shows ending in 2024

There's quite a few long-time staples we're saying goodbye to this year.
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Out of all the broadcast networks, CBS came in this year with the most canceled shows. But when we say canceled, that doesn't necessarily mean they're coming to abrupt ends. Some of them are coming to a close as we've reached a natural end in the story. Those CBS shows are are procedurals SWAT and Blue Bloods, as well as comedies Bob Heart's Abishola and Young Sheldon.

Each of these shows have been staples on the network for the last few years. But all things must come to an end at some point. And while it's sad, we're hopeful that the writers and creatives on each of these productions will give us a fitting farewell. Read on below for the details about each series!

Good for Nothing
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SWAT season 7

Fans of SWAT went on a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions because back in May 2023, it was announced that SWAT season 6 would be the last and the finale was only weeks away. This came to a shock to many viewers, especially with how well the drama does on the network. And so, fans took to social media to share their thought, and CBS thankfully decided to listen and reversed its decision just days later.

The network shared SWAT season 7 was happening and it would be the last. This means the procedural got more time to flesh out a final season and give the characters at the LA police department and story a more well-thought out farewell season. And since Feb. 16, 2024, we've gotten the start of SWAT season 7, beginning our goodbyes!

The Shemar Moore-led series has been on the air since 2017 and is based on the 1975 television series and 2003 film of the same name. This final season has a total of 13 episodes, and we expect the last episode to air towards the end of May 2024.

Kill the Cat
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Bob Heart's Abishola season 5

Going into season 5, Bob Heart's Abishola saw a major cast reduction when it comes to their actors. And that's because the comedy decided that of the eleven main cast members of the series, only the two leads - Billy Gardell and Folake Olowofoyeku - would continue to be series regulars. The other cast members were brought down and offered recurring roles, being able to appear in at least five episodes, per Deadline. This news came in April 2023 before the writers or actors strikes even started in May and July, respectively.

Then, CBS announced in November 2023 that Bob Heart's Abishola season 5 would be the last with a total of 13 episodes. It didn't come as a surprise given the situation with the actors. The final season premiered Feb. 12, 2024, and the series finale is already scheduled! Mark your calendars for Monday, May 13, 2024 at 8:30 p.m. ET on CBS to tune in. It's not clear what the reasoning behind the cuts and cancellation are, but it could be to reduce costs. The sitcom first started in 2019.

Young Sheldon
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Young Sheldon season 7

Another comedy we're getting ready to say goodbye to is Young Sheldon season 7! I actually think it's a good idea that The Big Bang Theory prequel is coming to an end now. This season is when Sheldon is 14 years old, which was a big year for him. Unfortunately his father passes away, which has already been confirmed to be happening onscreen, and he heads to Caltech to start his studies. And that's where he ends up working as an adult! This was the right time to say goodbye to the Coopers even though we'll miss them.

The seventh and final season, which will be 13 episodes, premiered Feb. 15, 2024. The finale is set to air on Thursday, May 16, 2024, at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. And it's actually going to be one hour! Wile this chapter of the story is coming to a close, there's actually a Young Sheldon spin-off that's happening. It's going to be focused on Georgie, Mandy, and their daughter CeeCee. I honestly don't think it's needed, but I wish the best for the actors! The sequel series is expected to come out in the 2024-2025 season. TBBT sequel first premiered in 2017.

Triumph Over Trauma
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Blue Bloods season 14

It's hard to believe that detective procedural Blue Bloods is nearing the end! The show has been such a staple on the network since 2010, and this one is going to be hard to say goodbye to. The Tom Selleck-led drama surprisingly, and thankfully, got a bigger episode count compared to other shows affected by the strikes. Blue Bloods season 14 received an 18-episode order, with the first 10 airing in the first half of the year since its debut on Feb. 16, 2024. The final eight will debut in fall 2024.

The reason behind the cancellation seems to be financial reasons. Per Deadline, the show got a renewal following "difficult negotiations with CBS asking for significant budget cuts - 25% for above-the-line talent, including actors." The news outlet shares that the actors and producers agreed to a lower salary to keep the show going for one more season, and so crew members and more could keep their jobs for one more season. It's sad when situations like this arise, but at least we're getting a proper goodbye.

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