Teri Polo is joining FBI: International in a mystery role (Could she be Forrester's mom?)

Teri Polo is joining the cast of FBI: International at the end of Season 3. She has a mystery role, but could she end up being Forrester's mom?
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We may only be in the first half of the season, but we already know of an actress coming into FBI: International Season 3 at the end. Teri Polo is joining the series in a mystery role.

Of course, making it known as “mystery role” from the start means that people start to speculate. And TVLine is not the only publication with a theory that she could play Forrester’s mom, a role originally played by Elizabeth Mitchell.

Does the theory hold any weight. Possibly, but it is a bit of a jump the shark moment, in my opinion.

How Teri Polo could play Forrester’s mom in FBI: International

The last we saw Forrester’s mom, she left Forrester again. Scott had finally learned that his mom was a double agent after years of believing that she was selling intelligence to the Russians. However, her double agent duties put a target on her back, and she needed to keep her son safe.

While there was a beautiful moment the last we saw them, Angela shared that she had to leave again. He was still in danger because of her, and she had to leave for a while. We just know that an assassin was still hot on her tail.

Angela will do what it takes to survive, which is where a change of face comes in. It’s possible that FBI: International is going with the change of face in the storyline. Could we find out that Angela got plastic surgery to look like someone else?

This is a huge jump the shark moment. It’s been used in other TV shows, and it’s just such a soap opera method of storytelling.

Who else could Teri Polo play?

There is a chance that we could see her as the mother of another character instead. Is it possible that she’s connected to Amanda Tate instead? We know little about Tate’s personal life, and it is possible that with the upcoming custody battle coming to an end for Tate that she calls in parenting re-enforcements in the form of her mother.

There’s also the chance that she comes in as some sort of addition to the team. The team has expanded slightly with the support team in the third season. Could we see it expand more?

This isn’t the first time a character has come in at the end of a season with the potential of carrying on in the story should the show get picked up. We saw that with Greg Hovanessian’s Powell. He came in at the end of Season 2 and stuck around for a few episodes in Season 3. There is certainly room in the team for another agent.

I hope that it’s not a plastic surgery storyline. It’s such an overused trope in soap operas.

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FBI: International airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on CBS.