TikTok Star Murders reveals unseen footage of Ali and Ana Abulaban's relationship

Ali Abulaban was recently convicted of the murder of his wife Ana and her best friend. Now it's time to see the behind-the-scene footage of the abusive relationship in TikTok Star Murders.
TikTok Star Murders -- Courtesy of Peacock
TikTok Star Murders -- Courtesy of Peacock /

Never believe what you see online. Relationships look happy and peaceful, but they can be anything other than that. TikTok Star Murders gives us a look inside one of the most prolific relationships on the social media app.

Ali and Ana Abulaban appeared to have the perfect relationship. They would post happy TikToks, hinting that they had a marriage that was drama free and full of trust.

We would later find out that this was all a charade. Their relationship was anything but drama-free, with Ali now convicted of killing Ana and her friend, Rayburn Cardenas Barron. Ali was charged in January 2022, and was convicted of first-degree murder in May 2024.

Take a look at the trailer for TikTok Star Murders

What was the relationship really like on the other side of the camera? That’s something TikTok Star Murders goes into. The trailer gives just a shot of the abusive behavior, with interviewees speaking about how Ali trapped Ana in the marriage.

Those involved in the interviews are close friend sand family of Ali and Ana. They give us a look at the physical abuse Ana faced and had to hide. There is also commentary from Kelsey Christensen, a reporter who interviewed Ali upon his request. The documentary also takes a look at the insights of Ali’s mind and the relationship as a whole through a clinical/forensic psychologist.

The footage itself is all from cell phones, both audio and video. They give a real look inside what Ali and Ana were like behind the camera. The documentary unfolds the tragic story, making it clear that you can’t believe everything people put online. All Ana ever wanted was a peaceful and happy life for her daughter. All Ali wanted was fame.

Take a look at the trailer below:

When will TikTok Star Murders premiere on Peacock?

You can watch the full documentary on Peacock on Tuesday, June 25. This is a 90-minute documentary that takes us through the entire situation.

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