There's a new way to watch NYPD Blue for free (Get the details)

There's a brand new place to watch the classic crime series NYPD Blue all for free. Find out where you can watch the ABC hit for no cost.
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There’s a brand new spot to watch NYPD Blue totally for free. Find out where you can see one of the most acclaimed police dramas ever.

By 1993, Stephen Bochco was already known as one of TV’s top producers with hits like Hill Street Blues, L.A. Law and more. However, he broke a new mold with NYPD Blue. It seemed like a typical police drama as the detectives of the 15th Precinct in Manhattan handled a variety of crimes, from murder to robbery, while dealing with their personal issues. 

However, for network television in 1993, NYPD Blue’s content was shocking. It contained coarse language, adult situations, even nudity in a time networks were more clean-cut. In fact, over 30 ABC affiliates in various regions refused to air the show’s first two seasons because of the racy content. 

It didn’t matter much as the show was an instant smash with both viewers and critics. It was nominated for a total of 84 Primetime Emmy Awards, winning 20 of them. That included Denis Franz winning four Best Actor in a Drama trophies as main character Andy Sipowicz with awards for Kim Delaney and Gordon Clapp and was named Best Drama for its second season. It also boosted actors such as Delaney, David Caruso, Nicholas Turturro, Charlotte Ross and others to stardom. 

While all the seasons have been available on DVD, the only way to watch for a time was on Hulu, which requires a subscription. But now there’s a great new way to watch for free.

Where can you watch NYPD Blue for free?

A big surprise for fans of the free streamer Tubi was seeing all twelve seasons of NYPD Blue added on Thursday, Feb. 1. 

This has been part of a new partnership between Tubi and ABC programming as they also just added the hit series Scandal. Owned by Fox, Tubi is notable for its incredibly wide depth of programs from the past, all for no fee whatsoever. It is an ad-supported streamer, meaning viewers will have to put up with 60-90-second long ad breaks when watching the series. 

This is a great push for those who were either fans of the show or newbies who want to enjoy it 30 years after its premiere. It’s also showcasing once more how Tubi is arguably the most underrated streaming service out there and adding a classic crime show to its ranks makes it even better.

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NYPD Blue is now streaming on Tubi.