NBC new shows: What we know about The Hunting Party so far

The Hunting Party has been handed a series order by NBC. Here's what we know about the new crime drama so far.
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As we get toward the end of another TV season, we look ahead at the next. That means looking at pilots and new shows broadcast networks have picked up. The Hunting Party has been the first new show ordered to series.

The Hunting Party was originally given a script order back in February 2023. This was at the same time as Grosse Pointe Garden Society, and both shows had a crime element to them. The Hunting Party is more of a traditional crime show by the looks of things, following more of a procedural storytelling format.

It is the only one ordered as a new series so far. Other shows have been given pilot orders, including Grosse Pointe Garden Society and Suits: LA. Here’s what we know about the upcoming new series.

What is The Hunting Party about?

Amazingly, we know very little about the series despite it landing a series order. The Hunting Party will follow a small team of investigators. When a group of dangerous killers escape a prison, the investigators need to capture them all to keep the public safe.

This prison turns out to be a top-secret one. It “doesn’t exist” according to the public, and the investigators will need to find a way to keep the situation quiet while finding the killers.

The series comes from JJ Bailey and Jake Coburn. Bailey is known for Echo, an NBC pilot from 2022 that wasn’t picked up. Coburn is known for the NBC series The Endgame, which was canceled after one season. We hope to see The Hunting Party have better luck.

The Hunting Party may be held for the midseason

It’s hard to say what the NBC fall schedule is going to look like without all shows canceled or renewed yet. We’re still waiting on Law & Order: Organized Crime getting canceled or renewed to see if we’ll get a Law & Order Thursday lineup. It’s possible that Found will take the last hour of Thursdays considering that was the original plan in fall 2023.

This could push The Hunting Party to the midseason, which is a great time for some new shows. The risks for lower linear ratings are lower in the spring as the linear ratings traditionally fall at this time. If the series performs well, then it could move to the fall if renewed for Season 2.

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