Who will Patrick Dempsey play in the Dexter prequel series?

Grey's Anatomy vet Patrick Dempsey is joining Dexter: Original Sin. Who will he play in the prequel series, and was the character in the original show?
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The Dexter: Original Sin cast continues to grow. Patrick Dempsey is now joining the series.

The Grey’s Anatomy vet will be switching out scrubs for a police badge. The question now is how long his character will be  around, as he is not someone from the original series.

Who is Patrick Dempsey in Dexter: Original Sin?

Dempsey will take on the role of Captain Aaron Spencer. Captain Spencer works in the Miami Metro Homicide department, and he is close friends with Dexter’s father, Harry Morgan. Harry will be played by Christian Slater.

Deadline reports that the Dexter prequel series will pick up in 1991 Miami. Dexter is a student who is learning how to be a serial killer. Of course, in the original series, we meet Dexter as a serial killer, but he doesn’t target the good people. He goes after other killers, working as a vigilante to keep the streets safe.

It turns out that Dexter’s father, Harry, understands his son’s need to kill. Harry teaches his son how to find the people who deserve to die, while also avoiding law enforcement. It’s the latter where Aaron Spencer comes in. Dexter starts a forensics internship at the Miami Metro Police Department, which means he’s sure to run into Spencer.

Is it possible that Spencer could end up catching Dexter in a questionable situation. Maybe Dexter works on getting rid of some of the evidence that he accidently left behind as he’s learning. We know that Dexter does get away with things in 1991 considering we know where he is in the original series, but at what lengths to he and his dad go to for protection?

Dexter prequel series cast confirmed

So far, there are a few members of the cast confirmed for the prequel series. They are:

Patrick Gibson as Dexter Morgan
Molly Brown as Debra Morgan
James Martinez as Angel Batista
Christina Milian as Maria LaGuerta
Alex Shimizu as Vince Masuka
Reno Wilson as Boddy Watt

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