Will Trent EP talks the chances of Mark-Paul Gosselaar's return to Will Trent

There is no doubt that Mark-Paul Gosselaar brought Paul Campano to life in Will Trent. Will we get to see more of the character? See what EP Daniel Thomsen has to say.
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One of the issues of having guest stars that catch our hearts is that we can end up losing them to other shows. That seems to be the case for Will Trent fans when it comes to Mark-Paul Gosselaar.

Gosselaar took on the role of Paul in the first season of Will Trent. As much as Paul is a jerk, he quickly became a favorite for fans. The dynamic between Paul and Will is something that the series needs, and it’s not surprising that fans want to see more of that dynamic.

It just comes to the problem of Gosselaar landing a new and successful series. Found fans will know him as the main antagonist Sir on the series.

Will Trent EP wants to see Mark-Paul Gosselaar back

There is a little bit of good news for fans. EP Daniel Thomsen shared that there is room for Gosselaar’s return. At least, in terms of the Will Trent storyline, there is room. The show would love to see the character of Paul back.

However, EP Liz Heldens also told TVLine that we shouldn’t expect to see it happen in the second season. This is only a 10-episode season due to the strike action, and that means limited time to bring secondary characters in.

Then there’s the issue of Gosselaar’s schedule. Found was quickly renewed for a second season. He is a series regular on that series, which means problems for Will Trent to get Gosselaar back. Gosselaar’s schedule on Found is going to take priority compared to a guest spot on Will Trent. However, if there is time, then maybe Will Trent could find a way to bring him back in.

This will depend on ABC’s plans for renewals. Things are looking good for Will Trent. The series sits in the middle of all ABC scripted shows in the demo and is second in terms of the average total audience. It’s also seen a large boost in the percentages compared to the first season, which suggests that we will see a renewal come through for the series.

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Will Trent airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. Catch up on the series on Hulu.