Watch the Hawaii Five-0/Magnum PI crossover live on CBS

Hawaii Five-0 and Magnum PI are among the first shows to return from winter break, and they’re doing it in style. Here’s how to watch the crossover live.

Hands up if you’re ready for your favorite shows to return. You’re certainly not alone! Hawaii Five-0 and Magnum PI are among the first shows to come back from winter break, and they’re certainly doing it in style with the two-hour crossover event. Don’t miss a beat of it tonight.

Yesterday, we took a quick look at what to expect in the two episodes. It all kicks off in Hawaii Five-0 Season 10, Episode 12. The winter premiere sees a list of undercover CIA agents get taken, and it’s up to Five-0 to figure out who the perpetrators are and how to get it back. The gang can’t do it alone.

Steve turns to Thomas Magnum for help. Magnum and his team will come along for the assist, but things won’t quite work out to plan. It will lead to Junior being kidnapped, so Quinn and Tani need to turn to the Magnum PI team again for another assist.

We’re ignoring a minor inconsistency from Hawaii Five-0 throughout the episode, especially since Steve has no idea who Magnum is. It’s going to be worth it to see the two Hawaii teams join together and solve this mystery to protect the undercover CIA agents.

The promo for the crossover certainly shows some great comedic moments. Just how does Steve get to drive Magnum’s car? There’s got to be a great story behind that.

Check out the promo below and then we’ll get into the streaming details:

One of the great things about CBS TV crime dramas is that you can watch them on CBS All Access. There’s a live and an on-demand option, so it suits either of your needs. However, for those who don’t have or want CBS All Access, here are all the other streaming options you need for the Hawaii Five-0/Magnum PI crossover event.

Date: Jan. 3
Start Time: 8/7c
Episode: Hawaii Five-0/Magnum PI crossover event
TV Channel: CBS
Live Stream: Stream 1 | Stream 2