NCIS: Who sent Jack Sloane the Valentine’s Day chocolates?

Jack Sloane got flowers and chocolates for Valentine’s Day on NCIS Season 17, Episode 15. Who is her secret admirer? Could it be Gibbs?

Caution: There are minor spoilers for NCIS Season 17, Episode 15. We won’t touch on the case but will touch on Jack’s storyline.

NCIS delivered a romance-themed episode for Valentine’s Day. Well, sort of. It all involved a dating app and Jack Sloane trying to figure out who had sent her chocolates and flowers for Valentine’s Day. Is Gibbs Jack’s secret admirer?

It all started with Jack sharing the chocolates she received, making it clear to the team that she didn’t believe Gibbs was the one sending them. Like me, she didn’t see Gibbs as the type to do Valentine’s Day, but a kiss on the cheek had her second-guessing her gut.

Well, we can confirm the chocolates and flowers that she got from her secret admirer did not come from Gibbs. In fact, they weren’t actually for her. Instead, they were for someone else in the building called Sloane Jackson. You can see where the mixup happened, right? The flowers and chocolates were from the woman’s husband, who was working away.

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However, Jack didn’t miss out completely. She did receive a box of chocolates. This was how Sloane Jackson realized there had been a mixup. Jack’s actual chocolates came with a card, which allows Sloane the chance to find out who the woman with a similar name was located. With the swap of mostly-eaten chocolates, Jack checked out the card.

Jack got a gift from her adopted daughter, Faith. The last we saw of Faith, she needed Jack to fill out some medical paperwork and we didn’t get to know why in the end. We still don’t know if it’s for something serious, but this card is a huge step. Faith had made it clear at first that she didn’t want to get to know Jack, but now it seems like Faith is having a chance of heart.

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Did you guess the chocolate storyline during the episode? What do you think this means for Jack and Faith? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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