Hawaii Five-0 ending with current season 10 finale

Hawaii Five-0 season 10 will be the show’s last. CBS announced the series’ cancellation this week, and the series finale is coming up sooner than you think.

Say goodbye to another long-running CBS crime drama: Hawaii Five-0‘s current season is also going to be its last, meaning there are just a few episodes left.

The network announced on Friday, just hours before a new episode, that Hawaii Five-0 season 10 will be the final run of the Alex O’Loughlin-led show. It’s not clear yet if this was a network choice, a creative decision on the part of the producers, or a combination of both.

“This show has been pretty much every waking moment for the last 10 years of my life,” O’Loughlin said in the network’s press release. “Everywhere I go on this planet, in every language, I am [Steve] McGarrett to all these people.

“What we’ve done, what we’ve accomplished, it’s extraordinary. I can’t really put words to express my level of gratitude. I’m just glad to have been a part of this, a part of history, and I’m going to miss it.

“And to the fans, I don’t know how to thank you guys,” the actor added. “Thank you for following us the way you have. I’m going to miss you. Aloha.”

Further bad news for fans: Friday’s episode was the 18th of a 22-episode order. That means there are only four episodes of H50 remaining, and just over a month until it ends.

New episodes are scheduled for March 6 and March 13, and the final two episodes will air back-to-back as a two-hour series finale on April 3.

That translates into the show airing the next two weeks before being preempted for three weeks and then returning just for the series finale.

The conclusion isn’t a total surprise. While H50 is still highly rated, O’Loughlin had initially stated he would leave after season 8. The rumors of his exit persisted after last season, and the toll that the series takes on him has long been publicized, including an absence during season 2 for issues related to a shoulder injury.

O’Loughlin and Scott Caan are the only two original cast members left on the series. So what can audiences expect for their—and the show’s—swan song?

Details about the final episodes are few and far between but the network did announce a trio of guest stars who will appear in the finale. James Marsters, Mark Dacascos and William Sadler will reprise their roles as McGarrett’s nemeses Victor Hesse and Wo Fat, and his father John.

No mention was made of original cast members Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park, who left their roles as Chin Ho Kelly and Kono Kalakaua respectively in 2017 following a much-publicized contract dispute.

The former is executive producing ABC‘s medical drama The Good Doctor, on which he also had a recurring role, and Park is now starring in the ABC drama A Million Little Things.

The Hawaii Five-0 cancellation follows the end of another CBS fan favorite, Criminal Minds, which aired its series finale on Feb. 19. The reboot will come up two seasons shy of the original Hawaii Five-0 which aired for 12 seasons between 1968-1980.

Are you surprised that Hawaii Five-0 has been cancelled? Leave us your thoughts on this news in the comments, and don’t miss the series finale on April 3.