Will Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park return for Hawaii Five-0 series finale?

Will Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim return for the Hawaii Five-0 series finale? Or will Chin and Kono be missing from the final episode?

Now that Hawaii Five-0 is officially ending after this season, the biggest question is will former stars Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park come back to say goodbye?

CBS announced on Friday that the Hawaii Five-0 season 10 finale will now be a two-hour series finale, ending the popular TV crime drama after almost 250 episodes.

Naturally, fans would love to see the entire original cast back together again at the end. Some say that the show hasn’t been the same since Daniel Dae Kim (who portrayed Chin Ho Kelly) and Grace Park (who played Kono Kalakaua) exited in 2017.

The two actors made headlines for ditching the popular series after CBS refused to pay them the same as their co-stars Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan.

The network’s best and final offer to them was still 10-15 percent lower than what Caan and O’Loughlin were making to play Danny Williams and Steve McGarrett respectively.

As a result, both moved on and have been doing well on other shows, coincidentally both of them on ABC. Kim executive produces The Good Doctor and recurred on the show as Dr. Jackson Han, while Park is starring as Katherine in A Million Little Things.

Both were also conspicuously absent from the list of returning players that CBS announced for the Hawaii Five-0 series finale on Friday. So does that mean we won’t see Chin or Kono?

As of right now, anything is possible. The finale was just announced days ago, so it’s possible that both Park and Kim could agree to reprise their roles in the near future.

But they’d have to say something pretty quickly. The Hawaii Five-0 series finale is airing April 3, so it has to start filming soon, if it hasn’t already. The fact that CBS announced several actors who are returning suggests that either the finale is finished, or at least, that producers have already figured out who they’re able to bring back—and neither Daniel Dae Kim nor Grace Park were on the list.

It wouldn’t make sense for them not to be mentioned in the press release, either, because any value of surprising fans with their return would be miniscule compared to how much buzz would be generated if CBS promoted it in advance.

Add in that they exited somewhat acrimoniously, and that they’re both busy with other projects, and there’s a lot that would have to be worked around for them to return. Fans will have to keep their eyes and ears open and see if either Kim or Park says anything about coming back to Hawaii Five-0. It certainly doesn’t seem likely.

Do you think Daniel Dae Kim or Grace Park will make one last Five-0 appearance? If so, what would you like to see from Chin and/or Kono’s returns? Sound off in the comments.