Can we really believe Katarina Rostova is the real Katarina on The Blacklist?

THE BLACKLIST -- "Louis T. Steinhil (#27): Conclusion" Episode 702 -- Pictured: Laila Robins as Katarina Rostova -- (Photo by: Will Hart/NBC)
THE BLACKLIST -- "Louis T. Steinhil (#27): Conclusion" Episode 702 -- Pictured: Laila Robins as Katarina Rostova -- (Photo by: Will Hart/NBC) /

The Blacklist quickly taught us not to take everything at face value. So are we really convinced that Katarina Rostova is the real Katarina?

If there’s one thing the back and forth on Red’s identity has taught is is not to take everything at face value on The Blacklist. That brings us to Katarina Rostova, who returned for teh 150th episode on May 8. The important question is whether she really is Katarina.

There’s been no reason not to believe she’s the real deal, has there? Well, apart from that nobody seems to be who they say they are on this show. We’ve spent seven seasons trying to work out Red’s identity only to be told multiple things that are clearly lies. So why are we so trusting when we are told that Katarina is Katarina.

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Everyone assumed Katarina dead for a long time. Then there was the reveal that she wasn’t dead but that she had gone underground. Which story is actually true? Is it possible that somewhere along the line Katarina was killed and this imposter has taken her place?

One of the things that keeps us believing that she is the real Katarina is her knowledge. But then anyone could have that knowledge with the right contacts. Red knew plenty about Ilya Koslov, but that’s because he is friends with the real Ilya. So, could this potential Katarina imposter have been friends with the real Katarina?

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Why would someone want to impersonate Katarina? There are lots of reasons to do that. Whether it’s to get to Liz or to get to Red (and finally figure out who he is), impersonating Katarina opens many doors.

One thing is for certain, Katarina is the villain to watch out for. With only one episode left that wasn’t the intended finale, it’s unlikely that Katarina’s storyline is over for now. She’ll play a bigger part in The Blacklist Season 8 and Liz might want to wake up to the idea that her mom may not be who she says she is.

Out of everyone, Liz shouldn’t believe anything anyone tells her anymore. Red has lied over and over again about his identity. Tom initially lied about who he was. Now she just takes Katarina’s word? Something feels fishy.

Next. The Blacklist Season 7 finale will be a mixture of live-action and graphic novel animation. dark

Who do you think Katarina is? What do you think Katarina’s endgame is going to be? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Blacklist Season 7 finale airs on May 15 at 8/7c on NBC.