Why you need to give The Sommerdahl Murders on Acorn TV a chance

Sommerdahl Season 1 -- Courtesy of Mike Kollöffel/Acorn TV
Sommerdahl Season 1 -- Courtesy of Mike Kollöffel/Acorn TV /

The Sommerdahl Murders on Acorn TV is a must-watch this summer

There aren’t too many TV crime dramas new on broadcast networks, which is why we’re turning to streaming services and premium cable networks more. Some streaming services offer excellent foreign-language dramas that tend to go under the radar, and The Sommerdahl Murders is one of them.

The series is a Nordic noir that promises a thrilling journey. From the very start, you get a sense of the workaholic that Dan Sommerdahl is. He even leaves his 25th wedding anniversary party because he doesn’t feel like the case can be passed onto someone else. This immediately sets up the tension between him and his wife, and it also means the line about thanking her for letting him focus on his work stands out.

He’s completely oblivious to the fact that his wife is fed up of being put second. However, he is a good detective, looking for the smallest of signs to solve a case.

While Dan doesn’t notice the problem, others do. It’s clear that his wife isn’t happy and yet he continues to be completely oblivious to it.

A main case that will take you on a journey

The first episode of The Sommerdahl Murders immediately opens with a case that has much more to it than would initially seem. This isn’t just about a murder but about a missing baby. It’s a race against time to get all the answers needed.

There are many clues right away as to what could have happened, but it will take time to work through the evidence. And while Sommerdahl’s wife also works with the police department, there’s that constant strain to work through.

Sommerdahl Season 1 — Courtesy of Mike Kollöffel/Acorn TV
Sommerdahl Season 1 — Courtesy of Mike Kollöffel/Acorn TV /

A side storyline with a personal touch

While the murder case goes on, there’s clearly another story to focus on. And this other case could be linked to the main case. However, it’s also a little more personal.

It doesn’t take Sommerdahl long to figure out there’s more to the side story; that there’s something that could connect it to the main murder storyline. It’s all about working through the evidence and the clues to figure out who murdered the girl on the beach and why.

The way this side case is introduced makes it seem like it’s something to pad out the show. Instead, it weaves into the main case delicately, leaving you to wonder what else there could be that you’re initially overlooking.

A smartly-written drama

The Sommerdahl Murders doesn’t give you everything on a plate. You need to watch and pay attention to the conversations. It’s important to look out for all the clues to direct you to the answers to the riddle.

This is a trait with foreign-language dramas. They always seem deeper and more thrilling, and maybe it’s the fact that many storylines take more than one episode. It allows for more details to develop, more clues to be spotted. It allows for more red herrings—sometimes smarter red herrings—along the way.

If you’re ready for subtitles, The Sommerdahl Murders isn’t a series you want to skip. You’re taken on an eight-episode journey of highs and lows while you figure out the details.

With all that, you’re given a new view; a new police department. Laws are slightly different, methods change. All this makes a crime drama fresh and exciting.

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The Sommerdahl Murders is available to stream on Acorn TV right now.