5 top TV crime dramas to watch this week: Father Brown and more

Father Brown Season 8 -- Courtesy of Gary Moyes/BritBox
Father Brown Season 8 -- Courtesy of Gary Moyes/BritBox /

Top TV crime dramas to check out from June 29 to July 3

As we wrap up June and start July, we have a bunch of new TV crime dramas to check out. The week also sees the safety of some great reruns.

CBS has the regular reruns of NCIS, FBI, and SWAT, but there are other networks that offer crime drama reruns. Of course, you will want to check out new seasons of other shows on streaming services. And there are the true-crime offerings.

Here are the top five TV crime dramas to watch from June 29 to July 3.

The Sommerdahl Murders binge-watch

Turn to Acorn TV for the first offering on the list. You get a full binge-watch, so you get to choose how much you watch throughout the week. While it is a foreign-language show, it’s more than worth your time.

Dan Sommerdahl is the town’s greatest detective. The problem is his work gets in the way of his marriage. When a major case comes in, can he manage the work but give his wife the attention she needs and deserves?

The Sommerdahl Murders is available from June 29.

More from TV Crime Dramas

CSI: Miami reruns

If you’re looking for reruns, then you do have a wide variety of choices. Sometimes, you want to turn to a corny TV crime drama, and CSI: Miami fits that bill. There’s just something entertaining with the way Horatio takes off his sunglasses just to put them on for the quick one-liners.

Reruns air on Monday night on ION starting at 8/7c. You’ll get a few episodes in a row to keep you entertained.

Bulletproof continues

With the way Episode 3 ended, you’re going to want to turn your attention to Bulletproof on Wednesday night. Bishop and Pike are in the middle of a standoff with the Dutch police. They could get out of the mess, but it will mean blowing their cover. So, what will they decide to do?

Find out on Wednesday at 9/8c on The CW.

New episode of Killer Couples

It’s time for true-crime next. Killer Couples continues this week with a look at Antoinette Martinez and Cameo Clines. The two were driven by bloodlust and greed, and this episode delves into why, who they were, and what they did.

You can watch the new episode of Thursday at 8/7c on Oxygen.

Father Brown Season 8 premieres

Love Father Brown? You’ll be happy to know that Season 8 premieres on BritBox at the end of the week. It’s a fun period crime drama with a twist. Harry Potter’s Mark Williams plays a priest who solves crimes but not just to catch the people for the police. He wants to save their souls. And there’s no doubt that Season 8 is going to be just as entertaining as previous seasons.

You can watch the first seven seasons on BritBox right now. Episodes 1 and 2 of Season 8 will drop on July 1 with two episodes per week throughout July.

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Which TV crime dramas are you checking out this week? Let us know in the comments below.

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