NCIS Episode 400: What we know so far

What do we know about NCIS Episode 400 right now?

NCIS Episode 400 was supposed to be the 22nd episode of Season 17. Instead, it’s going to be the second episode of Season 18. It’s time to look at everything we know so far.

The series isn’t back to filming just yet. NCIS Season 18 is set to premiere in the fall, but that can’t happen until filming can return. Of course, there is still a little time, but we may see the return date pushed back. That shouldn’t affect the 400th episode too much, especially when it comes to the story.

NCIS Episode 400 is about Ducky and Gibbs

The script has already been written. In fact, the script was ready before the coronavirus shut down production. Filming was just two days away from the 399th episode, but shooting locations, guest stars, and more were already confirmed for NCIS Episode 400.

Now things will have to change a little. The locations may need to change and some of the guest stars may not be available depending on other projects, but the storyline isn’t likely to change. According to TVLine, the episode will be about how Ducky and Gibbs met.

We’ve heard plenty of stories of the two in the past. We’ve seen some of their stories play out. What we don’t know is what brought the two of them together and made them such great friends.

We’ll get a case from 20 years ago that brings the two of them back together. It means David McCallum is going to be part of the 400th episode, which is only fitting. While Jimmy Palmer has certainly done a good job of stepping into the shoes Ducky left, it’s not quite been the same in the morgue. There’s no doubt that we would need Ducky in this milestone episode.

We’ll also likely see Jack as part of it. Maria Bello is leaving during Season 18, but she will be part of eight episodes to give her the exit the character deserves.

It will remain mostly the same as planned

While there are going to be some elements that may need to change, the setting of NCIS Episode 400 isn’t going to change. After all, it’s a touching story from the past that makes the milestone episode stand out.

The episode is set to be the second shot when production resumes. Of course, it will be the second episode aired. There are no plans with changing the script or moving another episode forward to make it the 400th episode instead.

We just don’t know when production will return. Deadline reports that SWAT is set to be the first to return to production in L.A. The publication also says that fall delays are expected.

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NCIS Season 18 is set to air on Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS in the fall.