SWAT Season 4 is the first of the LA TV crime dramas to restart production

SWAT Season 4 is getting ready for its fall 2020 premiere

Many TV shows are starting to look at a plan to return. In fact, some already have return dates in mind. SWAT Season 4 is the first of the L.A.-based TV crime dramas to return to filming.

It’s unclear whether this was always a plan to film in the summer months. When CBS originally released its fall programming, SWAT wasn’t on the list. It was being held for midseason, which we shared was possibly a good thing for the ratings to keep the show on the air for longer.

With Survivor unable to film, SWAT was moved back to the fall lineup. That means filming has potentially had to start sooner than originally planned. It started back up on Aug. 4.

Navigating the current climate

Today’s social climate will certainly play a role in the show. While TV shows are made for entertainment, they also have a duty to raise awareness and touch fairly on the climate of the day. Some will touch on political aspects, but SWAT needs to touch on the social aspects. It’s all about the Black Lives Matter protests.

SWAT isn’t a stranger to the touching on systemic racism. When the show first began, it was one of the focuses, especially with Hondo being both a person of color and a cop. It’s something EPs Rahsaan Thomas and Shawn Ryan mentioned to TVLine.

That doesn’t mean other storylines won’t be a priority. There is still the plan on focusing on the L.A. riots, giving us a look at Hondo’s past. The show has also raised awareness for suicide and mental health, which will hopefully be something the show continues with as Deacon continues to go through therapy. There has also been the focus on injustice when someone has a parent in the “right” place.

We don’t know exactly what the show will cover in Season 4, but there’s a lot of excitement. SWAT Season 4 is preparing for its fall return.

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SWAT Season 4 is set to return on Wednesdays at 10/9c on CBS in the fall.