SWAT Season 4 will premiere in November with two-hour special

SWAT Season 4 gets a November premiere date on CBS

Are you ready for more SWAT? Of course you are, and the good news is there isn’t long to wait. SWAT Season 4 will premiere in November, and make sure you set your DVR for a special time.

In an official press release, CBS announced SWAT Season 4 will premiere on Wednesday, Nov. 11. It’s at the special time of 9/8c, though. There will be two hours of your favorite LA police team.

For those who were disappointed that the focus on the LA Riots from the 1990s didn’t happened because the season finale couldn’t film, there’s some good news. You’ll get to see the masterpiece as the premiere. After that, the show will go into the Season 4 storylines.

Picking up with flashes to the past

The SWAT Season 4 premiere will include flashbacks to the 1992 LA Riots. Hondo was just a teenager then, and this episode will focus on the events that affect him growing up. It’s going to be an important storyline for Hondo’s teen charge, Darryl.

Donald Dash will play the 17-year-old Hondo, and Rico E. Anderson is a younger first of his father.

The episode had been planned long before the Black Lives Matter protestors in the United States. It touches on the riots that happened after the Rodney King verdict, showing the tensions that have occurred over the years.

While all that happens in the SWAT Season 4 premiere, the team will deal with El Diablo’s drug cartel and a Jihadist group. It’s just another day in the office, right?

During the second hour of the night, the story focuses on a potential international crime lord who is back to cause trouble. SWAT will need to do a domestic sweep for the CIA to confirm this.

Tan will get some focus, as his mother is the victim of racial discrimination. I really hope we see Bonnie in this episode, as well. She proved that she is someone Tan should be with when she showed how much she was willing to learn about Tan’s culture, so I hope she’s there to offer Tan’s mom some support.

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SWAT Season 4 premieres on Wednesday, Nov. 11 at 9/8c on CBS.