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Don’t miss a beat of Chicago PD Season 8, Episode 2 live on NBC

There’s a case involving an ex-cop’s son on Chicago PD Season 8, Episode 2. You’re not going to want to miss a beat of this episode live on NBC tonight.

The main focus of the episode is an alderman’s son who seems to have killed a woman. This alderman is also an ex-cop, so the case is going to make headlines quickly. Naturally, the Deputy Superintendent wants to wrap the case up quickly, and that means charging the boy as soon as Intelligence can.

Well, Intelligence isn’t just the charge and move on type of team. Everyone will want to make sure this boy is actually guilty. After all, when they find him, he’s high on drugs and holding onto the woman he apparently stabbed. Something doesn’t add up right.

Of course, with the talks of police reform and problems going on within the whole force right now, there aren’t going to be many options. Voight and his team will want to act as fast as possible.

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What about Atwater on Chicago PD Season 8, Episode 2?

Then there’s still everything to do with Atwater. The last we saw him, he’d been beaten up by masked men. We know those masked men are cops getting their “revenge” against him for going up against the blue wall.

Chicago PD Season 8, Episode 2 will see this problem continue to get worse. The rest of the cops aren’t going to respond to Atwater’s calls, which will put lives at risk. Once again, these guys are proving that they’re bad cops not even admitting that there’s a huge problem within the police force.

Voight wants to help, but he has a different way of doing that compared to Atwater. What’s the likelihood of Voight wanting Atwater to retract his statement and let it all go away? Now is not the time for that. Intelligence is already fractured, and this could further the problem.

Check out the promo and synopsis for Chicago PD Season 8, Episode 2 below:

The son of an influential former officer is implicated in a murder and Moore pressures Voight to charge him quickly so that the CPD isn’t accused of preferential treatment.

The stakes are raised in Atwater’s fight against the blue wall after patrol officers stop responding to his team’s calls. Voight wants to help Atwater end this mistreatment but the two can’t agree on the right way to handle it.

Don’t miss out on the all-new episode of Chicago PD. You can catch up on Hulu, but you can also watch live with the following details:

Date: Wednesday, Nov. 18
Start Time: 10/9c
Episode: Season 8, Episode 2, “White Knuckle”
TV Channel: NBC
Live Stream: Stream 1 | Stream 2