Watch NCIS Season 18, Episode 4 live online

McGee and Delilah have their vacation interrupted on NCIS Season 18, Episode 4

NCIS is back, and we get a two-hour winter premiere as a special treat. Here’s how to watch NCIS Season 18, Episode 4 and NCIS Season 18, Episode 5 live tonight.

The first episode of the night sees McGee and Delilah head on a vacation. Remember that the show is currently set pre-pandemic, which means a vacation to the Bahamas is absolutely standard. What isn’t standard is it being interrupted by a high stakes mission.

What exactly is happening during this episode? Will it have anything to do with why Gibbs shot McGee at the start of the NCIS Season 18 premiere? We’re still waiting for answers about that.

Elsewhere on NCIS Season 18, Episode 4

Meanwhile during the episode, Gibbs searches for Fornell. The last Gibbs heard was that Fornell hadn’t shown up for work for two weeks. That’s not good.

Fornell had found the drugs the former employee was selling. That means someone knows that Fornell has found them and they want to get to Fornell. Or does it mean that Fornell has gone deeper into this search for the kingpin who sold the drugs that nearly killed his daughter?

Gibbs is worried and he’s going on a mission to find his friend.

What about NCIS Season 18, Episode 5?

Then there’s the second episode of the night. This sees the whole team pulled in on a case that Gibbs and Vance have been working on. This one has serious implications.

This could be the episode that sees Gibbs shoot McGee. What a way to leave us for a week, right?

Fornell is back for this episode, which means he’s found safe during the previous hour. Is this the point that brings this case to an end, and will it connect to the main case at all?

Check out the synopses for both NCIS episodes tonight:

NCIS Season 18, Episode 4 synopsis: McGee and his wife Delilah’s Bahamian vacation turns into a high-stakes mission; Gibbs fears the worst when his search for Fornell leads to blood.

NCIS Season 18, Episode 5 synopsis: Gibbs and Fornell’s crusade to find the head of the drug ring responsible for Fornell’s daughter Emily’s overdose comes to a climax; Gibbs and Vance finally let the team in on a case that has dangerous implications.

Don’t miss out on the all-new episode of NCIS. You can catch up on CBS All Access, but you can also watch live with the following details:

Date: Tuesday, Jan. 19
Start Time: 8/7c
Episode: Season 18, Episode 4, “Sunburn/Season 18, Episode 5, “Head of the Snake”
TV Channel: CBS
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