Law & Order preview: Price is accused in a grisly murder case

LAW & ORDER -- "Deadline" Episode 22016 -- Pictured: Sam Waterston as D.A. Jack McCoy -- (Photo by: Scott Gries/NBC)
LAW & ORDER -- "Deadline" Episode 22016 -- Pictured: Sam Waterston as D.A. Jack McCoy -- (Photo by: Scott Gries/NBC) /

Law & Order has an intriguing new episode this week that puts Price right in the middle of a tough case.

The stalwart NBC series returned with new episodes on Thursday, March 23 with a case of a reporter murdered after someone wrote a slur on his front door. This led the detectives into a complex case involving a city councilman committing murders to cover up his bribery.

A complication was that the only witness to the crime was the guy who wrote that slur, meaning Price and Maroun had to cut a deal with the scumbag to get the killer, with Price not happy about it.

It also briefly touched on Shaw coming back from his suspension over accusing other cops, still with a chip on his shoulder about it. While he didn’t talk on that much, it may come up in an episode that has Price in an unusual spot in a trial.

Check out a trailer and synopsis for Law & Order Season 22, Episode 17

“Bias” has Price stumbling onto a public defender suffering a stab wound. Thus, the ADA is now a chief witness in the crime, meaning Maroun has to handle the main trial of the attacker.

The promo shows the defense attorney playing dirty by accusing Price of the murder, meaning he has to work harder to clear this up for the jury.

With a case having Price right in the middle taking the stand, this should be a more intriguing Law & Order episode than usual.

"“When a public defender is murdered, Cosgrove and Shaw are surprised to find Price at the crime scene. His involvement in the trial compromises the case.”"

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