When is the Magnum PI Season 5 midseason finale airing on NBC?


When is a season finale not a season finale? When it’s the Magnum PI Season 5 finale.

In an oddly complicated situation, NBC has announced that the supposed Season 5 finale is now going to be a “midseason” finale, making fans curious as to why it’s being billed this way.

It was a year ago that CBS stunned viewers by canceling the popular reboot of the Tom Selleck series after four seasons. The show was still doing well in the ratings, with the cast fully expecting a fifth-season renewal.

Thankfully, NBC stepped in to pick up the series with the announcement it would have two seasons of 10 episodes each. However, NBC now seems to be combining them into one long Season 5, as the 10th episode is billed as the “midseason” finale.

Airing on April 23, the episode (as yet untitled) is described as Magnum and Higgins forced to take refuge at Robin’s Nest when it’s attacked. This is likely the same group that killed Magnum’s former commanding officer and out for revenge on Magnum’s team killing a terrorist leader years before.

So while this is a “midseason” finale, fans wonder when the rest of the season is coming.

When will the rest of Magnum PI Season 5 air?

A major question is when Magnum PI could return. It’s done well on NBC on Sundays, but starting in September, NBC will be dedicating Sundays to NFL football. That means that if it returns in the fall, Magnum PI would have to be on a new night.

There’s also the chance NBC might have episodes already in the can and maybe airing them over the summer. However, it’s also likely they may decide to once more wait until January 2024 to have the rest of the season.

However it works, Magnum PI will have a unique road ahead as its coming finale is just the break in Season 5 rather than its conclusion.

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Magnum PI returns with new episodes on Sunday, April 16 at 9/8c on NBC and streams on Peacock.