Was Nell on the NCIS: Los Angeles series finale?

NCIS: Los Angeles closed out its 14-season run with a big finale that changed a few characters’ lives. Did it also include the return of popular tech genius Nell? Find out!

Caution: This article contains SPOILERS for the NCIS: Los Angeles series finale

The grand finale for NCIS: Los Angeles had some significant moments for everyone. Callen and Anna decided to get married in a simple ceremony at the courthouse with their team in attendance. Roundtree decided to accept a settlement in his suit against the LAPD to provide for his sister. Biggest of all, Kensi and Deeks learned Kensi was pregnant to build their family.

At the wedding, Callen received a letter from Hetty (sadly, Linda Hunt couldn’t appear in person) expressing how much she loved the team but hinted she was in trouble. She also provided two plane tickets to Morocco.

Heading there, Callen and Sam made their way to a camp, seeing a figure before them they thought was Hetty. Instead, it was former tech helper and brief boss Nell Jones (Renee Felice Smith) who had a special mission planned.

What’s going on with Nell in the NCIS: Los Angeles series finale?

The quirky tech genius was a great character on NCIS: Los Angeles aiding with her hacking skills and her banter with fellow techie Eric Beale (Barrett Foa). When Hetty began stepping back from the team, she clearly intended for Nell to take her place as supervisor.

Instead, in Season 12, Nell decided to leave the team. Eric had become a billionaire, and Nell decided to go with him to help change the world. She told Callen and Sam that Eric was doing a talk in Singapore (Foa likewise couldn’t appear for the finale).

It seemed Hetty was in some trouble, so Nell had organized a team with former psychologist Nate Getz (Peter Cambor), CIA officer Vostanik Sabatino (Erik Palladino), and a fresh-faced recruit (played by Chris O’Donnell’s son Chip). The show ended with Callen and Sam joining Nell in trying to hunt Hetty down.

It almost seemed like a set-up for a new spin-off series with this makeshift team searching for Hetty but it was a fun way to bring Nell back and let her take part in NCIS: Los Angeles‘s big sendoff.

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