FBI: International Season 3 will not premiere on CBS in June 2023

We need to see what comes next after that explosive finale. When will FBI: International Season 3 premiere on CBS? Will it return in the fall?

The FBI: International Season 2 finale ended in a way we didn’t expect. The only member of the team we’re pretty confident on being safe is Tank. The good boy stayed when he was told to as Raines ran back to the building just as it exploded. The rest of the team was inside.

Will they all make it out alive? Will we lose a member of the team? There are so many questions after that brilliant finale, and now we have a wait on our hands for the answers. At least we know that FBI: International Season 3 is happening, but we know that it won’t happen for a while.

When will FBI: International Season 3 premiere on CBS?

This is likely to be a long wait. CBS did say that FBI: International would remain in its fall schedule. The show will also remain on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT, but this is where we have some bad news.

Not only has CBS not committed to a date yet, it simply can’t. The writers strike is still going, and that will mean production is pushed behind. The rooms would usually open this month to then start production in July for a September start. With the strike happening, everything is going to be pushed back.

CBS may have wanted to do something like ABC. That network decided to hold all scripted shows for 2024. While that is disappointing for fans of the shows, it makes the most sense in terms of business and stability. There’s nothing the networks can do if production doesn’t start up. We may have to wait until 2024 for FBI: International Season 3.

FBI: International Season 2 is streaming on Paramount+.