Based On a True Story Season 1 ending explained

BASED ON A TRUE STORY -- "The Great American Art Form" Episode 101 -- Pictured: (l-r) Kaley Cuoco as Ava, Chris Messina as Nathan -- (Photo by: PEACOCK)
BASED ON A TRUE STORY -- "The Great American Art Form" Episode 101 -- Pictured: (l-r) Kaley Cuoco as Ava, Chris Messina as Nathan -- (Photo by: PEACOCK) /

Peacock’s Based On a True Story ended its first season with a wild cliffhanger that may change everyone in a possible Season 2. What happened, and what will occur for the characters next? Find out!

Caution: This article contains SPOILERS for Season 1 of Based On a True Story

As the show begins, Nathan (Chris Messina) and Ava (Kaley Cuoco) are having problems. He’s lost his job teaching tennis at a club, her realtor business is failing, and the bills are piling up with a kid on the way. They befriend plumber Matt (Tom Bateman), who cuts them a good deal on a new toilet.

Ava is soon convinced that Matt is the West Side Ripper, a serial killer plaguing the city. As it turns out, she’s right but rather than turn him in, Ava, a true-crime buff, has the idea of starting a podcast with Matt disguising his voice to explain the murders and why he did them. As soon as they get rich and famous, they can turn him in.

Naturally, things backfire big time as Matt takes the podcast over and breaks his word on no new killings just so he can juice the viewing numbers. Too late, Ava and Nathan realize they’ve become accessories, meaning they’ll go down with Matt if he’s arrested.

After the podcast is canceled due to backlash on promoting a murderer, Matt killed nosy neighbor Ruby. He also revealed he was planning to create his own podcast to give “marginalized” killers more spotlight.

How did Based On a True Story end?

At first horrified at Matt killing Ruby, Ava and Nathan realized Ruby was going to turn them in. They buried her body, even as Ruby had left some information with the cops. Meanwhile, Matt was shown seemingly stalking Ava’s sister Tory (Liana Liberato), only to reveal the two had been dating for a while. She seemed not to know who he truly was as it was up in the air if he was planning to kill her too.

The final shot had Ava and Nathan cleaning up Ruby’s blood in their kitchen when Ruby’s unstable husband showed up. That leaves it up in the air what happens as the pair have to wheedle out of this murder while unaware of Tory dating a killer.

This implies a second season is coming, although there’s no confirmation yet. However, the show implies the misadventures of our twisted trio are only beginning, and Based On a True Story has a lot more of its own story to tell.

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