5 TV crime dramas to watch this week (June 19-25, 2023)

- Clean Sweep _ Season 1, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Sundance Now
- Clean Sweep _ Season 1, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Sundance Now /

As the summer season grows, so too does the need for some new crime shows to fill the void until network TV finally returns (which may be longer, thanks to the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike). You need TV crime dramas to watch.

Thankfully, between streaming, cable, and imports from other countries, there’s still plenty to see for some TV crime buffs.

Here are five TV crime dramas to check out the week of June 19-25 for crime fans to enjoy.

5 TV crime dramas to check out this week


This wild new Australian crime series is a fantastic mix of comedy and mystery. When the body of a football coach is found, a local cop (Kate Box) has to work with a foul-mouthed, hard-drinking and possibly crazy Sydney detective (Madeleine Sami). That both are female adds a fun dimension to things as the show has a wild and quirky sense of humor to go along with its search for a serial killer. While the mystery is fun, it’s the growing bond of these mismatched women detectives that makes this a great watch.

Deadloch Season 1 streaming new episodes every Thursday on Prime Video.

Barracuda Queens

Just premiering on Netflix, this Swedish series does a brighter spin on that nation’s usual moody crime dramas. It’s based on real events, as in the 1990s, a group of rich and spoiled young women find themselves in debt thanks to their spending sprees. They turn to robbing their affluent neighbors, reasoning no one would ever suspect seemingly rich women of being thieves.

Things spiral out of control as the six-episode series details what happened. It looks like an intriguing romp for those who like a little spark for Swedish crime shows.

Barracuda Queens Season 1 now streaming on Netflix.

Clean Sweep

This Irish thriller focuses on a simple, everyday housewife (Charlene McKenna) who receives an unexpected visitor. Somehow, it ends up with him murdering him and having to cover up the crime. That’s complicated by the fact her husband (Barry Ward) happens to be a detective investigating the case. As she tries to hide the truth from him, the mystery grows as to why she committed this crime in the first place and what other secrets she is hiding. That adds to a fun dynamic for this moody Irish crime series.

Clean Sweep premieres Thursday, June 22 on AMC+ and Sundance Now.

FBI True

As fans await the return of the FBI shows on CBS they can thrill to this new docuseries. The previous two seasons looked at real-life cases from the Boston Marathon bombings to various smaller cases.

Season 3 will focus on the rise of Al Quadea, the bombing of TWA Flight 800, and the corruption that brought down Massachusetts Senator Dianne Wilkerson. There are also cases involving attempted bombings, a serial killer, and the hunt for modern-day pirates. With the actual agents involved talking of their experiences, it shows the real FBI can surprise even their fictional counterparts.

FBI True Season 3 streams on Tuesday, June 20th on Paramount+.

The Gold

In 1983, a group of thieves pulled off one of the biggest heists in history. They robbed the Brinks-Mat warehouse near Heathrow Airport of 26 million pounds (roughly $100 million today) in gold, diamonds, jewels, and other items. The ensuing investigation and manhunt had even more twists and turns and to this day, much of the loot has never been recovered.

This new mini-series (which aired in Britain earlier this year) stars Jack Lowden as Kenneth Noye, the ringleader of the gang, and Hugh Bonneville as the detective trying to catch him. It explores the setup, the robbery itself and the resulting manhunt and promises to shine a light on how one of the greatest heists ever all went down.

The Gold premieres on Sunday, June 25 on Paramount+.

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